Cameron is to talk about his time at No.10 for the broadcaster.

ITV has announced that News at Ten anchorman Tom Bradby is to give former prime minister, David Cameron a grilling in a special programme next month.

It has been three years since David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following one of the most momentous nights in this country’s recent history. Since that day little has been heard from the man who revived the Conservative Party, took it back into power in a historic coalition with the Lib Dems, then won a majority, before finally dividing the nation in a bitter battle over Brexit.

Now, in his first in depth television interview about his time in office, Cameron will reflect on and talk extensively to Tom Bradby about the highs and lows of his premiership.

“I tracked David Cameron’s rise to power and then departure in my decade as ITV’s Political Editor, so I am thoroughly looking forward to this much anticipated interview. It could hardly come at a more interesting, or pivotal, time.” – David Cameron

The provisionally-titled ‘The Cameron Interview‘ is an ITN production for ITV. Airing in September on ITV, it will also be available online at

Theresa May recently stepped down from office after failing to deliver Brexit

Meanwhile, Channel 4 is to air a major documentary on Brexit, having gained ‘extraordinary access’ to senior figures such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sir Alan Duncan, Ken Clarke, Sir Nicholas Soames, Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan, Andrew Bridgen and Nigel Farage, Brexit: Two Tribes takes a look at the Conservative Party’s bitter struggle over the defining political issue of the day: Brexit.

The hour-long programme – filmed over the last nine months – follows events from January this year as Theresa May battles to sell her hard negotiated withdrawal agreement to an increasingly sceptical House of Commons. It goes on to cover her subsequent resignation and the instatement of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister who now faces the biggest challenge of his career: delivering Brexit where May failed.

“It has been extraordinary for the public witnessing recent political events from the outside. It’s even more extraordinary seeing some of those events from the inside.” – Dorothy Byrne, Commissioning Editor

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