There’s Something About Movies to return to Sky One

There’s Something About Movies will be back with Jennifer Saunders joining the regulars Alan Carr and Michael Sheen.

“Having been a guest on the show last series I feel sure that I am the perfect person to go up against Michael Sheen as a team captain in There’s Something About Movies. With my huge knowledge of films and laser sharp brain I’m up for any challenge they can throw at me and my team of famous faces. Bring it on!” – Jennifer Saunders

Jennifer Saunders will put her film knowledge to the ultimate test as she takes on the role of team captain in the second series of Sky original panel show, There’s Something About Movies. She’ll join fellow team captain Michael Sheen and host Alan Carr while comedian and friend of the show Tom Allen will be a regular member of Jennifer’s team.

“Beyond thrilled to have Jennifer Saunders joining the ‘There’s Something About Movies’ team. Not only is she comedy royalty but her iconic French and Saunders film parodies make her the perfect team captain when it comes to the movies and taking the mick out of them.” – Alan Carr

The new series, produced by CPL Productions – the creators of BAFTA-winning Sky original A League of Their Own – is filming throughout September and will air on Sky One and NOW TV this autum.

With guests last series including Rafe Spall, Lily Collins, Rupert Everett, Jason Isaacs and Miranda Richardson to name but a few, the new series sees more of Hollywood’s biggest names put to the test on the industry that created them.

“I am of course a huge fan of Jennifer and we had such a great time with her as a guest on the first season. Absolutely thrilled that she will now be my rival team captain. Really looking forward to it.” – Michael Sheen

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