Katherine Kelly returns to Murdertown for Crime+Investigation

The second series of Murdertown returns to Crime+Investigation next month.

Actress Katherine Kelly returns to host a brand new series of Murdertown.

The production is a close-up investigation of a murder’s impact on ten local communities in regions rarely brought into focus on TV.  As the storyteller Katherine takes the audience on a journey to the towns where the killings happened; helping the audience to piece together the events of these often untold stories.

With remarkable access, Murdertown features impactful and moving contributions from friends, family, journalists and police officers who lived through the tragedy, shedding new light on the stories that changed a town.

The first series became Crime+Investigation’s highest ever performing commission in 2018, across platforms. Its podcast is also to return in partnership with award-winning true crime podcast, They Walk Among Us. The podcast, running for ten episodes, unpicks a new case from each town featured each week.

The full line up for series two is Wrexham, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Darlington, Greenock, Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Bristol, Nuneaton and Croydon. 

The Portsmouth edition tells the story of the murder of NICHOLAS WRIGHT by serial killer ALLAN GRIMSON. Grimson worked as a petty officer in the Royal Navy. Police first became aware of him in 1998 in connection with missing sailor, Nicholas Wright. A year later when re-questioned, Grimson confessed to luring Nicholas back to his flat where he violently murdered him, dumping his body near a country lane.

Grimson then admitted to killing another young man a year to the day after Wright was killed and was convicted for both murders. With the significance of December 12th police looked through archive cases and found other stories of sailors going missing on this date.

Katherine Kelly in Liar.

In the Wrexham episode the programme tells the story of the murder of retiree NICHOLAS CHURTON by JORDAN DAVIDSON while Middlesborough looks at the murderer REGINALD WILSON, a man who tried to commit the perfect murder. WILSON murdered DR DAVID BIRKETT in the town of Middlesbrough.

Over in Ipswich this episode tells the story of the murder of ROSALYN HUNT and DESMOND THORPE by Britain’s youngest female double-killer LORRAINE THORPE while in Darlington we discover the story of the murder of single mother JULIE PATERSON by 24 year old DAVID HARKER. In Grimsby the progrmame looks at the murder of ADAM VINCENT by gang members LEE GRIFFITHS, THOMAS GRIFFITHS, LUKE GRIFFITHS and MARK JACKSON.

The Greenock edition tells the story of the murder of 16 year old ELAINE DOYLE by JOHN DOCHERTY while in Bristol the events surrounding the murder of 18 year old LOUISE SMITH by DAVID FROST are uncovered. In Nuneaton this episode tell the story of the murder and mutilation of NAOMI SMITH by EDWIN HOPKINS and finally in Croydon the production explores the manslaughter of CASSANDRA MCDERMOTT and attempted murder of KARA HOYTE by footballer MARIO CELAIRE.

Murdertown 2 headlines the autumn schedule alongside the recently announced return of I Am A Killer series 2, which features female ‘lifers’ for the first time.

Crime+Investigation is available on  Sky 156, Virgin 275, BT 328 and TalkTalk 328.

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