BBC Two is to look at Britain’s imports and exports in a three-part series.

The factual production from the Beeb comes as our trading relationships face their biggest change in decades.

“The show is a real celebration of British ingenuity and gives a revealing insight into just how interdependent and interconnected the world is. Each episode will reveal the fascinating stories behind how our favourite goods are made, traded and transported to where they need to go – 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.” – Ed Balls

In the new series, What Britain Buys And Sells In A Day, presenting trio Ed Balls, Ade Adepitan and Cherry Healey will take viewers behind the scenes of some of Britain’s most active cargo hubs, including Heathrow Airport and the Port of Southampton, and onto factory floors, fisheries and plantations across the world to show how our favourite products are made and moved. 

“I’ve always taken for granted what we as a nation buy and sell to the rest of the world. Working on this series has opened my eyes to just how fast-paced, fascinating and essential trade is. Each episode follows the journeys of some of our most loved goods that constantly flow in and out of Britain every day, 24/seven. The show provides a surprising insight into what we eat, drink, drive and perhaps who we are as a nation!” – Ade Adepitan

Despite our relatively small size, Britain is the sixth largest trading nation globally. In 24 hours, £2.4 billion worth of goods cross our borders; 4,800 cars and 6,500 engines are exported worldwide; the majority of fish caught in the UK is exported, but most of fish eaten in the UK is imported, and on average a staggering £18 million worth of fresh fruit and veg is imported each day.

“Who would have thought we export potatoes to Ireland? Or that a lot of the prawns we eat when we’re in Spain come from the UK. Or that most of the fish we export flies in the belly of passenger planes right next to our suitcase. This series is full of fascinating facts about how Britain keeps at the top of its game when it comes to trade.” – Cherry Healey

What Britain Buys And Sells In A Day will air in 3 hour-long slots on BBC Two, and is produced by DSP.

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