Niall McGuigan has released his latest album, Spiritual Anarchy.

Following the successful release of Niall’s debut album Awareness in 2017 and hisĀ  live album Niall McGuigan and Friends Live at St. Ann’s Church Dublin with the Suso Gospel Choir earlier this year Niall releases his new studio album Spiritual Anarchy for August 2019.

Recorded with Ben Reel at Drumill Lane Studio’s in South Armagh Ireland, the album is a continuation on the theme of his first album, describing the process of self-inquiry, awareness, and self-discovery.

The title Spiritual Anarchy describes the resulting breakdown of our psychological belief systems, mental concepts, religious, social and political dogma when we begin to deeply question and see through our illusions, aligning constantly with truth and integrity. The musical style is a return to Niall’s rock roots, in keeping with the eclectic world music feel of his first album mixing Mongolian throat singing, folk, and alternative rock.

Specializing in medical ethnomusicology, Irishman Niall has researched the topic of music & healing within shamanic & neo-shamanic traditions and also the development of therapeutic presence as a music therapist. As a musician he has performed in a variety of bands ranging from metal, grunge, rock, traditional Irish music, funk & reggae and also at festivals such as Electric Picnic, Glastonbury, Earth Garden & The Bubble festival (Malta).

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