Cop Shop fans will be pleased to know that the twelfth DVD box set of the long-running Australian police drama is now available in the UK.

Cop Shop Volume 12 is out now.

In this action-packed edition, the detectives from Riverside Police Station go after a group of louts who have been smashing up train carriages and terrorising passengers, when the vandals target a mentally unstable scaffolder the situation begins to spiral out of control. A shonky land developer is gunned down by one of the people he’s ripped off and the trail of suspects leads to the heart of Sydney’s underworld and to the Bathurst Race Track. Meanwhile, an alcoholic derelict holds the key to a failed assassination attempt at a political rally, and a washed-up country sporting hero with a violent temper goes on the rampage with an arsenal of stolen guns.

Liz Cameron (Liz Burch) agrees to marry ex-con Jerry Barnes (David Cameron) and they ride off into the sunset to begin a new life together in Queensland. Former Detective Senior Sergeant Glen Taylor (George Mallaby) makes a brief but welcome return to Riverside, and Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) risks his marriage when he falls for a fellow student on the detective training course.

Left: Les Dayman from Homicide and E Street guest stars in Cop Shop Volume 12 as detective Paul Anderson and as factory handyman Arthur Logan who is in the frame for a payroll robbery. Right: Ex-con Jerry Barnes (David Cameron) pops the question to Liz Cameron (Liz Burch).

A compulsive gambler is forced to use his family business to fence stolen goods when he gets into debt with a big-time hood. Elsewhere things turn decidedly nasty when a terrorist cell target an American businessman who plans to open a hotel and casino in Riverside. These people from the lunatic fringe begin planting bombs in the district and kidnap documentary filmmaker Terry Lindford-Jones (John Walton) leaving his girlfriend Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) fearing for his safety. The incident will bring Terry and Amanda closer than ever before and they agree to tie-the-knot. Unfortunately, the marriage is soon in trouble when Terry begins playing around with a wealthy floozy who has the contacts to further his career.

A violent heavy begins intimidating jurors and witnesses who are involved in an upcoming court case, and a security guard is left on the critical list when two men bungle a payroll robbery. A desperate man intent on springing his brother from the Riverside cells holds Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) and Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) at gunpoint, and a metal detectorist unearths the body of a young woman who has been the victim of a ritualistic killing.

Right: Glen Taylor (George Mallaby) blows back into Riverside to give Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) a much-needed pep talk. Left: Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) risks his marriage and career when he falls for a fellow student on the detective training course.

We farewell Senior Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) and his wife Valerie (Joanna Lockwood) when Jeff is offered a place on a special FBI training course in Washington. His replacement comes in the form of Detective Sergeant Tom Shannon (John McTernan) who had previously been with the Fraud Squad. Tom is a man with a broken marriage who enjoys playing the field.

The action continues when two teenagers begin knocking-off local sex shops in order to sell obscene publications and blue movies to their schoolmates. An electronics whizz with an addiction to chocolate truffles decides to make a monkey out of the police by setting up a string of weird and wacky crimes. Two unemployed youths are hoodwinked into joining a burglary racket, and a conniving photographer forces young models into posing for pornographic pictures. An international criminal arrives from Hungary to swindle millions of dollars from multiple banks, and a riot at a tool factory provides the perfect cover for a payroll job.

Left: Tom Oliver played Lou Carpenter in Neighbours but in Cop Shop Volume 12 he appears as big-time hood Albert Cobb. Right: Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) and Terry Lindford-Jones (John Walton) tie-the-knot whilst their friends Danni Francis (Paula Duncan) and Lorna O’Reilly (Moya O’Sullivan) look on.

Guest artists in this box set include Ian Smith, Tom Oliver, Darius Perkins, David Clencie and Lisa Armytage from Neighbours; Ray Meagher and Roger Oakley from Home & Away; Babs McMillan from The Young Doctors; Brian Blain from Sons and Daughters; Les Dayman from E Street; Bunny Brooke from Number 96; Shane Porteous from A Country Practice; Natalie Raine from Matlock Police; and Caroline Gillmer, Ernie Bourne and Pepe Trevor from Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Other familiar faces cropping up during the police investigations include Queenie Ashton, Carmen Duncan, Noel Ferrier, Michael Petrovitch, and Donald McDonald.

Cop Shop Volume 12 and a wealth of other Australian television classics can be ordered exclusively from Eaton Films in the UK. Viewers in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD. Fans who are based anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Far right: John McTernan joins the cast of Cop Shop as Detective Sergeant Tom Shannon. Middle: Constables Roy Baker (Gil Tucker on the left) and Rodney Bennett (Mark Little) question a suspicious derelict in Cop Shop Volume 12. Mark went on to star as Joe Mangel in Neighbours. Far Left: Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) receives worrying news. 

All photographs copyright Crawford Productions/Eaton Films/WIN Corporation.
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