Chefs Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Niklas Ekstedt are to take on the roles of ‘Food Gods’ in Crazy Delicious.

“During the judging process, Carla, Niklas and I got to try some spectacular looking dishes that provoked different emotions and memories for each of us, which made making a final decision even more difficult at times!” – Heston Blumenthal

The new six-episode series, presented by comedian and foodie Jayde Adams, is described as ‘an innovative and imaginative food competition’, which is set on the world’s first edible set. The PR spiel for the show goes on to note that many British families are habitual in their eating habits, with the show aiming to inspire them to turn their everyday dishes into Crazy Delicious creations.

“Being a part of Crazy Delicious has been such a joy, especially working with Heston and Niklas. I think the viewers are going to be really impressed by the crazy twists on those meals we’re all so used to making on a daily basis.” – Carla Hall

Each week, three cooks will be challenged to come up with unusual culinary creations using ingredients from an ‘enchanted garden’. The trio of food gods must deliberate over which ingenious cook deserves to be awarded with a golden apple. Together, the gods judge the concept, visual appeal and taste of each dish, with their complement of expertise combining to choose their favourite creation.

“I loved being part of Crazy Delicious, it’s such a spectacular production. I’ve been so impressed by the dishes we’ve seen and tasted, particularly with how the cooks were able to infuse flavours and techniques from a variety of cuisines. I didn’t really expect that from British cooking.” – Niklas Ekstedt

Jayde Adams said she felt like “one of the luckiest women in the world” upon being invited to present the show, adding “I’ve learnt so much as well as being able to try so much wonderful food.”

Crazy Delicious will air on Channel 4, and be available on Netflix worldwide (excluding UK), in early 2020.

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