Step into The UnXplained with HISTORY®, and explore the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.  

“The UnXplained deals with mysteries that are all around us. The mysteries of life and death, of space and UFOs, of places where terrible things seem to happen all the time and of people who have had brain injuries and come out doing something completely foreign to them. We lead our lives in mystery and The UnXplained seeks to examine some of them.” – William Shatner

From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries.

Hosted and executive produced by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor William Shatner each episode features compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses and experiencers, each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen.

From mysterious structures, like Florida’s Coral Castle, and so-called ‘evil’ places, like the cursed ‘White City’ of Honduras, to strange creatures and bizarre rituals, The UnXplained delves into phenomena that conventional science is yet to answer for.

The series examines mysteries such as how people survive the seemingly un-survivable, whether the brain is even more powerful than we dare to realise, and what happens to us after we die. With these questions perplexing even the greatest human minds, The UnXplained boldly steps out into the darkness to test the famous words of Shatner’s Captain Kirk in Star Trek and discover whether there is such a thing as the unknown, or whether it is only temporarily hidden or misunderstood.

The UnXplained premieres on HISTORY from Tuesday 7th January at 9pm. Sky 130/Virgin 270/BT 327/Talk 327.

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