Actor Nigel Havers is heading to BBC One daytime with a Yorkshire based emporium full of bidding activity.

Nigel Havers (Centre) is best known in recent times for his role as Lewis in ITV’s Coronation Street.

“Everyone has something at home they’d love to sell if they knew where to go. Now, the secret’s out – The Bidding Room is the place to come and I’ll be there to help them get the best price.” –  Nigel Havers

“The Bidding Room is an adaptation of the format Cash for Trash” – BBC Daytime

From the makers of The Repair Shop, comes another antiques series for BBC One with The Bidding Room. For years people took their items to the Antiques Roadshow to be told their item was worth a small fortune only to have to go home and try and flog it themselves without breaking it on the way back – no more, the BBC are heading to an emporium deep in the Yorkshire countryside where a group of expert dealers will attempt to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public.

Nigel Havers is to cast aside his devious Lewis Archer persona of Corrie and instead warmly welcome people with an item they’d like to sell, to The Bidding Room where he will introduce them to a valuation expert who gives them the specialist information they need to drive a hard bargain. Tooled up with this information, Nigel guides the sellers through to the bidding room, where the five eager dealers square up to spend their money.

The competition will be fierce and the sellers will need to haggle get the best possible price for their item before finally shaking hands and doing a deal. The Bidding Room is an adaptation of the format Cash for Trash originally created by ZDF Germany.

“The Bidding Room introduces BBC One Daytime viewers to a line-up of exciting new expert talent. Each of the bidders are at the top of their individual fields. They’ll be daunting opponents not just for the sellers but for their own peers” – Carla-Maria Lawson, Acting Head of BBC Daytime

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