Best on the Box highlights for Saturday, January 11th 2020 and its gang trouble in Casualty, Alice Levine gets her Brits out and the most famous of all the Dad’s Army episodes gets another airing.


You know its January when the best thing on terrestrial television on a Saturday night is a repeat that is nearly 50 years old.

BBC Two tonight air possibly the most famous of all the Dad’s Army episodes – Deadly Attachment – when Captain Mainwaring seizes the chance to make a real contribution to the war effort when his platoon is ordered to guard a captured German U-boat crew until they can be transferred to a PoW camp.

In this classic episode, first aired in 1973, it gave us the wonderful moment when Pike sings a derogatory song about Adolf Hitler in which he’s described as a ‘twerp’, much to the disgust of the German the U-boat captain.

Such is his indignation he intends to put all the names of the British detractors on a list to deal with later when the Germans ‘win’ the war; leading to the classic line from Manwaring declaring “Don’t tell him Pike!” When Pike is asked his name.

The world war two home guard sitcom guest stars Philip Madoc as the U-Boat captain with Arthur Lowe as Captain Manwaring, John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Wilson, Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones, Arnold Ridley as Private Godfrey, John Laurie as Private Frazer, James Beck as Private Walker and Ian Lavender as Private Pike.


Hosted by broadcaster and presenter Alice Levine this one hour special will exclusively reveal the much anticipated nominations for the 40th Brit Awards, reflecting on yet another year for British and international music.

Alongside the shortlist reveal for Best Male/Female, Best New Artist, Best Group, Song of the Year, International Male/Female, and the highly sought-after Mastercard Album of the Year award, The Brits Are Coming will feature exclusive performances by Liam Payne, Mabel, Aitch, Freya Ridings and Dermot Kennedy.

The Brit Awards 2020 with Mastercard takes place on Tuesday the 18th of February at The O2 Arena in London and will as always be broadcast on ITV, UTV and STV. The night that celebrates music note for note is hosted by Jack Whitehall.


Archaeologists working across the UK regularly uncover bodies as this highly suitable for a Saturday night ( ! ) series discovers.

Most remains found are unexpected, the result of archaeology in advance of a building development. In this series Tori Herridge and a team of scientists attempt? To piece together the lives behind discovered bones, and find out what happened to these people and how they died.

Once a skeleton has been recorded in the ground and lifted, the bones immediately begin to reveal their mysteries, opening up a secret history of Britain. In episode one, five bodies dating from the Bronze Age are found in a deep pit on the Isle of Thanet in Kent. One of them is an old woman, who has been manipulated into a position where she is pointing at something. But at what? And why?


It seems historic documentaries are the in-thing for Saturday nights. Gone are the days of Blind Date, House Party and a chat show – instead its bones and sunken ships…

While Channel 4 have the bones covered Channel 5 is dealing with the watery grave of HMS Invincible. Raksha Dave and Alex Langlands examine the history of the ship, which was captured from the French in 1747 and helped transform the Royal Navy with the lessons it taught about organisation and ship design.

For more than 260 years, HMS Invincible lay at the bottom of the Solent, but archaeologists are now diving beneath the waves in a £2m excavation to discover more about this game-changing vessel.


Jacob is still to coming to terms with Mason’s death when Ryan and Dante, seemingly members of opposing street gangs, are admitted to the ED.

Jacob’s suspicions are aroused when both young men have similar injuries to treat – despite claiming they were obtained them via accidents. Cue Jacob to put on his detective hat and attempt to get to the bottom of the situation, and help these troubled youths in the process.

Ruby struggles to connect with baby Harmony, and living in the shared house with Marty and Jade isn’t helping. Lev again comes to the rescue and, offering support to Ruby, reassures her that she’s doing fine.

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