The documentary series will air next month and looks into allegations against singer R. Kelly.

The follow-up documentary to the explosive Surviving R. Kelly will air as a five part series on Crime+Investigation next month.

The original, ground breaking documentary-series was based on the theme of ‘hiding in plain sight’. Kelly’s music itself often acted as a near confession to the constant rumours that were circulating, state A+E Networks. Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning will continue to tell the story with a three day special. With recent developments in the case, new tapes surfacing, and a possible arrest, the present-day investigations will be the spine of the new documentary special.

R. Kelly – Robert Sylvester Kelly – has always denied there is any truth in the accusations he faces with legal representatives for the singer telling A+E networks ‘R. Kelly has denied all claims relating to sexual assault, domestic violence/abuse and sexual misconduct with minors. Kelly’s lawyers further state that their client has witness statements and evidence clearing him of any wrongdoing but cannot release them [to the broadcaster] due to the ongoing court case.’ The legal team’s statement added that ‘R. Kelly is the subject of a smear campaign’ with victims who ‘have used their accusations to promote contemporaneous books, albums and speaking tours.’

Episode one, entitled It Hasn’t Stopped, will air on Monday February 3rd at 10pm. The second edition The Settlement Factory will be transmitted directly after episode one at 11pm. These episodes cover how at the premiere of Surviving R. Kelly a gun threat wreaks havoc while Tiffany Hawkins, the first person to attempt to hold R. Kelly legally responsible for his actions, breaks her silence and tells her story on camera after more than two decades

Episode three, Please Come Forward, will be broadcast at 10pm on Tuesday February 4th. In this edition R. Kelly faces his first round of criminal charges after the airing of Surviving R. Kelly, and survivor Jerhonda Pace reveals a shocking pact she made. An hour later at 11pm the fourth edition, After The Rescue, sees R. Kelly released from jail and takes to television where he joins Gayle King for what becomes a controversial interview. Following her rescue by her mother in Surviving R. Kelly, Dominique Gardner speaks on camera for the first time.

The final programme in the series, Bring Our Girls Home, will be screened on Wednesday February 5th at 10pm. As R. Kelly is taken into federal custody without bail, the families of Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary wonder if their daughters will ever return home.

R. Kelly hit the news two days ago when his current girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage were allegedly seen dragging each other to the floor in a brutal TMz released video of their seemingly not-for-laughs fight.

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