Dive into a new series on Blaze this January.

Dare to dive with Blaze as it follows six courageous deep-sea divers who risk it all to make their fortunes from Spiky Gold… otherwise known as sea urchins!

Off the coast of New Zealand, Raymond, Red Dog, Dion and Storm hit the high seas in search of Spikey Gold. Led by skipper Dwane Herbert, the crew brave the elements and take the plunge to search for a rare and weird food that many people have never thought of eating.

Despite often freezing and ever-changing conditions, the crew free dive in search of their treasure, holding their breath for minutes at a time and wearing only snorkeling gear.

These young lads laugh in the face of danger, regularly coming perilously close to wild sea creatures including territorial sea lions and great white, pointer and seven gill sharks. Putting their bodies on the line every time they take the plunge, the hunters race against time and each other to feed the growing hunger for the prized delicacy.

Spiky Gold Hunters gives a rare insight into one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and the colourful characters that make a mint by selling their catch all over the world. Sea urchins are edible on the inside, and a rare, tasty treat for willing food lovers.

The six-part series Spikey Gold Hunters premieres on Blaze from the 14th January at 9pm. Freeview 63, Sky 164, Freesat 162 and Virgin Media 216.

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