Planning permission granted for Elstree Studios expansion

The expansion plans were revealed last year with the aim to increase television and film production at the site.

The world famous Elstree Film and Television Studios.

Hertsmere Borough Council have granted planning permission to Elstree Studios for the building of two new superstages, workshops and offices at the Elstree Studios Borehamwood site and Sky have revealed their plans to councillors and residents of Borehamwood for the new Sky Studios Elstree, an impressive Studio complex, to be built on a large site a short distance from Elstree Studios.

With Sky Studios Elstree, BBC Studios Elstree, and Elstree Studios providing at least 26 Film and TV Stages all based in Borehamwood/ Elstree; Borehamwood has become a major creative hub for the South East and London.

Sky have also plans to build a studio site in Borehamwood.

The new stages and studios will create 1000s of film and tv jobs and will benefit many of the graduates from the Elstree University Technical College, the vocational college for Film, TV and Theatre – set up by Roger Morris, Managing Director of Elstree Studios and Chair of the EUTC. The college which has been in existence for 5 years announced that students who graduated and left the college last year have all found employment, or have gone on to study further at University.

Elstree Studios is the home to Sony Leftbank, Netflix production The Crown and top television entertainment shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and a League of Their Own. Television Technical Facilities are provided at Elstree Studios by BBC Studio Works.

The BBC Elstree studios opened as ATV Elstree in 1961, the first former film site especially adapted for television production in the area.

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