Original WTC drawings go on sale for $1.5m

The Carlos Diniz drawings are being sold by the late architectural illustrator’s family.

The original drawings of the World Trade Center, by Carlos Diniz, recognized as one of the most important architectural illustrators of the 20th century, are available for sale for $1.5m.

Prints of these drawings are on display at the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero and the majority of Carlos’ works have been donated to museums, but his family is offering the original Twin Tower masterpieces for sale, either to a private collection or a museum with their hope that ideally, the items will make for a permanent display in an appropriate space in New York city.

Few people will be unaware that the twin towers, World Trade Center One and World Trade Centre Two were destroyed by a terrorist attack on September 11th 2001, with 1000s of innocent people killed by the act of evil. These drawings, however, take the story of the buildings back to their earliest days in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Happier times and some that through the sale will hopefully become a fitting display paying tribute to the people who worked there and didn’t survive the atrocities along with those who rushed to save the victims who also didn’t make it out.

Carlos Diniz was born in 1928 in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Beverly Hills High School and later the Art Center College of Design, graduating in 1950 with a degree in Specialized Design. Diniz was hired in 1952 at the newly formed office of Viennese architect Victor Gruen. In 1957, he opened his own studio, Carlos Diniz Associates Visual Communications.

Diniz first worked with World Trade Center designer Minoru Yamasaki on his Century Plaza Hotel. To help the Port Authority developers fully envision this complex and super-scaled project, Diniz developed a series of “sketchbooks” that were submitted as the design developed. Much of these form what is now to be sold. Diniz retired in 1996 and began working on a series of paintings of his beloved Venice. He died of heart failure on July 18th, 2001.

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