Telly Today: Tuesday February 4th and there is drama aplenty.

Stephen Mangan & Joan Bakewell host Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts.


The search for the first Portrait Artist of the Year winner of the new decade continues on Sky Arts this evening with the third episode in this the sixth series.

Tonight its sparkle and glamour with this week’s celebrity sitters including former Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman.

Len, since first appearing as Head Judge on Strictly back in 2004 has become a much-loved personality going on to host a number of programmes in his own right including Great Lives, Holiday of my Lifetime and game show Partners in Rhyme.

Born in Bethnal Green, Len spent his youth as a welder in the London Docks and then pursued his passion for football before injury ended his career. Len then took up ballroom dancing and specialised in a form of dancing called Exhibition, which is all about the lifts. He quickly became a British champion, winning the title four times.

Awarded a Life Achievement Award for his work in dancing, Len split his time between London and Los Angeles, judging on both Strictly Come Dancing and stateside version Dancing With The Stars until he decided to rest his ’10 from Len’ workload in 2016. Len has also been the face of a scheme by bank Santander to help the elderly avoid banking fraud and became the celebrity star of Farmfoods promotions.

Also sitting tonight are rapper and songwriter Tinie Tempah and actress and star of the forthcoming Sky original The End, Harriet Walter.


This week in Shieldinch Stevie decides to take his relationship with Poppy to the next level by asking her to move in with him. Madonna and Bernie offer their own unique advice on how to make this proposal as romantic as possible – with mixed results. Stevie’s plans are thwarted when he bursts in on Poppy with her latest client: gang member Maisie Evans. Knowing her dangerous connections to Rory, Stevie puts his foot down, demanding Poppy drop Maisie.

Poppy takes issue with Stevie’s controlling behaviour and the couple’s strained relationship abruptly comes to an end. But when Maisie starts to show her sinister true colours, Stevie tries to protect Poppy.

Elsewhere, grieving for her mother and not working, Kim’s at a loss what to do with herself. When Angus takes Mackenzie out for the day, Kim makes an excuse to visit the health centre, offering to help a flustered Suzie with her workload. Suzie initially refuses but Kim won’t take no for an answer. However her professionalism is quickly tested when Nicole arrives as a patient in need of care.

Desperate to break the tension between Eve and Lou, Dylan tries to play peacemaker for his mum and half-sister. However, oblivious to the reasons for their divide, his actions force the pair into an uneasy truce – but Dylan isn’t fooled.


Bored by the same old dishes, renowned chefs and ‘Gods of Food’ Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt and Carla Hall challenge the UK’s most talented food lovers to produce remarkable meals that must impress with originality, visual flair and extraordinary flavours.

Comedian and foodie Jayde Adams presents the series in which ingredients are picked, plucked and snipped from an enchanted garden on the world’s first edible set, which contains edible blossom, chocolate soil and a drinkable babbling brook.

In this episode, comfort food king Chris, fairy-tale lover Hanelore and molecular gastronomy fan Lynn take on three new challenges to impress Heston, Carla and Niklas. Their first task is to make the tomato the star of a brand-new dish, before pushing their imaginations to the limit to recreate a chicken pie. After two challenges, one cook will be sent home.

But with extraordinary creations such as sweet tomato cake, levitating pies and an edible Bloody Mary on the menu, the decision won’t be easy for the Food Gods. In the final round, the remaining two contestants go head to head to produce their unique take on an afternoon tea in their final bid to take home the golden apple.


Sacha (Bob Barrett) shows no sign of depression, despite his outpouring of grief after the death of Great Aunt Maria (Susan Engel).

Today’s the day of his ground-breaking bowel transplant operation, but Max (Jo Martin) is concerned, aware that Sacha has struggled with his mental health in the past. She wonders whether he’s the right man for the job, or if it might tip him over the edge.

Nicky (Belinda Owusu) is trying to fight her way out of her spiralling debt, and things go from bad to worse when her mother is admitted as a patient, having had yet another accident. She tells Nicky that the debt now owed has increased. To compound matters, Nicky feels at the end of her tether when Max tears strips off her for moonlighting at another hospital.

Donna’s (Jaye Jacobs) head is turned by her patient who happens to be a casting director in showbusiness. She tries to get on the books – much to Xav’s (Marcus Griffiths) disapproval.

Holby City can be seen later in the evening on BBC One Scotland.


The L Word: Generation Q has a double bill tonight from nine with episodes one and two of this first series airing back-to-back.

Through the 2000s, the ground-breaking series The L Word revolutionised a generation by introducing them to television’s first ensemble cast of lesbian characters. Now, some ten years after its final season, The L Word returns with its highly-anticipated sequel.

Ten years after viewers last were welcomed into their world, we find Bette running for mayor of Los Angeles; Shane as she returns to the city after a setback; and Alice learning to balance co-parenting with her fiancée Nat and Nat’s ex-wife Gigi and the rising success of her talk show.

We meet PR exec Dani Núñez, her girlfriend and TV producer Sophie Suarez, their best friend and roommate Micah Lee, and the charming former Olympic swimmer-turned-assistant, (Sarah) Finley.


Just turned 80, but showing no signs of slowing down, Sir David Jason continues to explore his favourite Great British inventions and discovers how and why they were first thought up – from the tank and hovercraft to the lawn mower and television.

In this episode David finds out about the British inventors who gave us some of the most extreme machines on the planet. He gets behind the controls of a tank and learns about the vital role its invention played in World War I. And in Liverpool he gets to operate one of the world’s biggest hydraulic cranes, using technology invented by Great British inventor William Armstrong in the Victorian era.

David also visits the Hampshire coast to uncover the story behind the invention of the hovercraft and the ingenious technology at the heart of a military submarine.

Len Goodman is the subject of Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts this evening.

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