Last night on The Masked Singer, two more performers were unmasked in the series’ semi-final.

Joel Dommett hosts The Masked Singer for ITV.

Hosted by Joel Dommett and joined by panellists Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Ken Jeong. The final few masked unknowns made it to the semi-final last night. Battling it out for a place in the final were Hedgehog, Monster, Octopus, Fox and Queen Bee.

After each character had performed one song, Fox was eliminated from the competition by the voting studio audience and was revealed to be actress, singer, dancer and presenter Denise Van Outen.

The remaining characters sang one further song each and ultimately Monster was unmasked and revealed to be American singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer CeeLo Green.

Next week, Hedgehog, Octopus and Queen Bee all perform in the series’ grand final when The Masked Singer returns on Saturday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

Fox was revealed to be Denise Van Outen.

How hard has it been to keep the secret?

Denise: I never told a soul I was doing the show. My family, Eddie and Betsy, had no idea. It was fun keeping it to myself.

CeeLo: No not necessarily, simply because I have a small group of people I live and work with. We are all essentially a part of staff and we hold each other accountable so therefore a secret is safe with us.

What did you think of your mask and look?

CeeLo: I thought that it was great, it was a really cool and invigorating experience but it was also a challenge because of the sheer weight of the costume. It only got heavy on me because I was being advanced each and every opportunity I got out on stage so, y’know, hey I just had to live up to it and rise to the occasion. Other than that, it was a labour of love.

Denise: I loved my fox costume. I felt like a futuristic disco fox. I was lucky that I was able to move quite freely in my outfit.

The show has been described as weird and wacky, why did you decide to take part?

CeeLo: Well y’know, for obvious reasons weird and wacky is right down my alley so on any given occasion I’ve worn probably things crazier than that or just as crazy so, I don’t think so! I think it’s colourful, I think it’s creative, I think it’s fun, I think that it does not discriminate, I think it’s for people of all ages from children on up to adults. It’s just a moment at home with the family in front of the television like the old days and I think it’s all inclusive for art’s sake.

Denise: I loved the idea of being free to try different music genres. No inhibitions.

What part of the process was the most difficult?

Denise: The hardest part for me was not speaking. I knew half the TV crew from previous jobs.

CeeLo: The toughest part of the process was the physical labour I believe. To be able to wear the weight of the costume, also focus on performing, giving the audience animation and giving them energy and charisma, but then also finding your breathing and your breath control and being able
to sing the songs effectively. All at the same time, so it’s a lot to think about and juggle.

What was your thoughts on the panel, did they say anything that was hard to take?

Denise: I love the panel. I’ve got a huge girl crush on Rita Ora and the rest of the panel had great banter. I was giggling away behind my mask at some of their guesses.

CeeLo: I thought that they were all very genuinely perplexed but interested and intrigued about who I actually was, I thought that they were right on the nose because I’ve heard so many times before that my voice is very distinct and very recognisable which is a quality that most singers would want and hey, it’s a one of a kind voice y’know? What can I say?! So it’s not easily mistaken for anybody else and you can’t help but take it as a compliment regardless of winning or not.

Monster was unmasked and revealed to be CeeLo Green.

If you could slip back into your fox costume for one more time, what would you wear it for?

CeeLo: I think I would wear it to Nando’s.

Denise: I’d love to do the whole series over again. It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Who would you like to see behind a mask?

Denise: I’d love to see Ariana Grande behind a mask. I bet her costume would be something super cute but also powerful.

CeeLo: One voice that comes to mind is Macy Gray. I think she would be great on the show. I think people would know who it was, I still think she’d be great.

If you could sum up your time on The Masked Singer, what song title would you choose?

Denise: ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ from Dirty Dancing

When offered to take up the challenge of the format, what made you accept?

CeeLo: I did the challenge for really simple reasons; it was just a cordial invite and I accepted. I wanted to see if I could actually win and you go into it simply but, after a while, you become encouraged, you become motivated by the competing factor and it’s like ok let me look at my song selections. You know, let me see if I’ve done right here or there or what have you and so I got into the spirit of the show.

What song did you enjoy singing the most?

Denise: I loved performing ‘On My Own’ from Les Mis. That’s my comfort zone.

CeeLo: My favourite performance of the series was ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ by Elvis.

How does it feel to now depart the show?

CeeLo: It was a little disappointing, y’know? I definitely would’ve liked to win once I got to that point. But nonetheless it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I made it that far so no love lost.

Denise: I’m just glad I got as far as I did. I loved being part of this new and exciting show. I can’t wait to see who else is revealed. I’m hooked!

The Masked Singer returns on Saturday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

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