More Hypothetical and Comedians Giving Lectures for Dave

Both comedy based programmes have been recommissioned.

Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster.

“Thank you to everyone at Dave and UKTV for again allowing me to piss around with my friend James and put it on TV. I for one won’t rest until we have found out whether every celebrity in Britain would wear the big or little hat.” – Josh Widdicombe, Hypothetical

Following the launch of series two last night (Feb 5th), UKTV has confirmed it will bring back stars Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster for a third series of their bonkers theoretical comedy show Hypothetical for eight more hour-long outings.

Produced by Hat Trick Productions, the show tests two teams of comedians on their ability to deal with a series of ridiculous Hypothetical scenarios such as ‘You have to live in a motorway services for a year, how do you cope?’ or ‘You have to take a selfie with Nicolas Cage within 48 hours or you die – how do you do it?’ and possibly ‘You’ve been booked for the Royal Variety Performance with an hour to spare – you can’t do comedy – what do you do?’

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Each hypothetical question is posed by Josh while James’ job is to enforce ridiculous rules and score the guests’ attempts at dealing with them. None of the guests see the hypotheticals beforehand and Josh and James take great delight in throwing them curveballs as the show progresses – it’s a proper comedic work-out.

“So excited to be back on your screens gunging contestants and giving away speedboats baby!” – James Acaster

In other UKTV comedy news Comedians Giving Lectures, hosted by Sara Pascoe, is returning to Dave for two further series. The commission sees six episodes per series, to air in 40-minute slots. The UKTV Original series, produced by 12 Yard Productions, was one of the top performing commissions on Dave in 2019 attracting an audience of over half a million.

“I love hosting the show, mainly to see my peers trying to be clever and failing hilariously.”- Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe.

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