Crime+Investigation channel is to air a four-part documentary on the dubious Epstein.

Each of the four episodes investigates how the billionaire financier allegedly ran a global human trafficking network for the rich and the powerful.

Over the course of twenty years, elusive billionaire Jeffrey Epstein allegedly ran a global sex trafficking ring targeting young girls for himself and his cabal of rich and powerful friends.

Operating out of his luxurious homes in New York City, Palm Beach, New Mexico, and his two private islands in the Caribbean, he was also accused of using his extreme wealth and influence to cover his predation. Following his August 10, 2019 death by suicide in federal prison, Jeffrey Epstein took one more thing from his victims: a chance to face their accuser and to finally see justice prevail.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein gives voice to the courageous survivors and investigates Epstein’s rise to boundless wealth, as well as the people surrounding him who potentially procured and protected, his second arrest, shocking death and the stories yet untold.

With first-hand accounts of what the survivors endured as part of Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking activities, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein examines the gilded system of wealth, privilege, and influence that allowed this alleged abuse to hide in plain sight.

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