Telly Today: February 11th highlights see us head once more to Shieldinch.

Bob O’Hara and Angus Lindsay are in trouble in River City, 8pm BBC One Scotland.


In a special Bob and Angus episode, the friends’ fractured relationship is tested to the limits by a shocking event, Scarlett’s worst fears are realised, and Lenny puts past grudges aside to be a life-saver.

Their friendship in tatters, Bob makes it clear to Angus he doesn’t want him as a pal or a colleague and their friendship is beyond repair.

Later, when Bob is called out to a breakdown in a remote location, Angus hides in the back of the van to force them to talk. Bob is gobsmacked and reluctantly agrees to let Angus tag along.

When the pair arrive on the scene, Bob’s oblivious that the customer is Jill Amuka, Rory’s dodgy lawyer, and that this is a set-up. As Bob works on the car, Angus is stabbed by one of Rory’s men and Bob meets a similar fate seconds later.

Lying bleeding and wounded on the ground, the friends fight for their lives and experience flashbacks. Elsewhere, Scarlett is worried sick about Bob and urges Angus to keep an eye out for her son. As the day goes on Scarlett can’t shake the feeling Bob is in danger – and her worst fears are realised.

Lenny is suspicious when he spots Jill and a couple of heavies in town and confronts her. When Scarlett voices her concern about Bob, Lenny pieces things together and forces a confession from Jill in order to save Bob and Angus. Viewers outside of Scotland can watch River City on the iPlayer.


With 60 stations the Tyne and Wear Metro serves 100,000 passengers a day and its trains travel 10,000 miles a day. But, as the series has shown, it’s a service that is often under fire and stretched to its limits as, ahead of a new fleet being delivered, it currently operates with trains that are as old as the Metro itself.

Critics say its fine upgrading the look of the stations and bringing in new trains, but what about the elderly infrastructure that also fails on a pretty much daily basis or those delightful mornings when trains are cancelled due to ‘driver shortages’?

In the fourth and final episode, all staff leave is cancelled on the Metro’s busiest and most colourful day of the year as the Great North Run comes to town. It’s a big day for station delivery manager Lynn Dickinson who has managed the event a dozen times before – but this time it’s different with a new, untested station at the centre of it all in South Shields.

It’s an emotional day for one particular runner, Colin Burgin-Plews – known as the Big Pink Dress man for the colourful attire he usually wears while taking part in the event – this year running in memory of a friend.


Comedian and foodie Jayde Adams presents the series in which ingredients are picked, plucked and snipped from an enchanted garden on the world’s first edible set, which contains edible blossom, chocolate soil and a drinkable babbling brook.

Each week, three cooks compete to be awarded the Gods’ golden apple and the knowledge that they’ve impressed three of the world’s greatest chefs. In this episode, singing food-blogger Bethie, sweet-toothed student Lily and sports teacher Joseph take on three new challenges to impress the Food Gods in the hope of winning the coveted golden apple.

Their first task is to make the banana the star of a brand-new dish, before pushing their imaginations to the limit to create pizzas unlike anything you’ve seen before. After two challenges, one cook will be sent home.


Ric wants to goes the extra mile when he treats the relative of a former patient, but with AAU at capacity and a nursing crisis in tow, it causes friction with Max.

Essie and Ben return from holiday, but seeing Sacha puts Essie’s head into a spin. As Ben makes a grand gesture, it’s time for Essie to choose between Ben and Sacha. Who will it be?

A refreshed Kian makes a dramatic return to Holby after recuperating in Canada, yet upon learning Jac has been taking a step back he is determined to push her out of her comfort zone.

Holby City airs later on BBC One Scotland.

Charlie Condou appears as Ben in Holby City, BBC One England, Wales and NI at 8pm.

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