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The final sixth episode in the current series of Grantchester airs tonight on ITV.


Grantchester starring Robson Green and Tom Brittney, bring to a close the fifth series.

When a woman is found dead, laid out in the shape of a crucifix on Jesus Green, Will and Geordie discover the ring on her finger proves she was married to God – and a former nun at an oppressive convent. And as Geordie and Larry both agree – there’s nothing scarier than a nun…

At the convent they meet steely Sister Grace, who rules over her flock with an iron fist. But even more sinister is the picture that starts to emerge as they match the nuns to a series of unsolved missing persons cases from the last five years. This is anything but a place of sanctuary. But can Geordie and Will save its victims before it’s too late?

All the while, Will tries to deal with his own feelings of guilt – what he needs is a kindred spirit, able to salve his aching soul. What’s certain is this won’t be a birthday he’s likely to forget any time soon…

When Leonard’s dad, Russell, arrives in Grantchester, it’s clear there’s no love lost between father and son. But in order to heal the wounds of the past, will these two men be able to find common ground?


Released in February 1985, Tears For Fears’ Songs from The Big Chair took the gothic synth-pop foundations of the band and combined them with arena-ready anthems.

The album received critical acclaim and produced international hit singles Mothers Talk, Shout and Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Featuring exclusive new interviews with Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, this documentary explores how the album was recorded and how the band left their indelible imprint on New Wave.

And later tonight is another chance to see Radio 2 In Concert – Tears for Fears (midnight-1am).


Tonight from nine, episodes five and six air back to back.

It’s an explosive double-bill finale of the tense Sky original drama. With the nation sliding further and further towards anarchy, Rachel faces difficult questions about Ellie.

Meanwhile, Fraser says goodbye to his father and grows closer to Francine. And as the influence of “People’s Justice” grows ever-powerful, Sutherland is forced to consider more extreme measures to retain control of the country.

And in the thrilling final episode, anarchy explodes on the streets and the nation is rocked with night upon night of rioting while Fraser and his team reach the endgame in their mission to get the lights switched back on in the Red Zone. Meanwhile, with his personal life imploding, Sutherland is forced to fight for his political life as Archie finally fires his first shots.


The Coronavirus is here. With Brighton at the epicentre of the crisis, this ITN documentary follows those on the frontline: the scientists working desperately to find a vaccine; and the critical health teams who explain how Britain will cope with a widespread public health emergency.

Coronavirus – COVID-19 – is a new illness that can affect lungs and airways. The UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate. But the risk to individuals remains low. Health professionals are working to contact anyone who has been in close contact with people who have coronavirus.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath.

Brighton, the centre of the UK Coronavirus crisis.

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