Telly Today: Thursday, 20th February highlights include stolen money and the aim to steal a heart.

The 14th series of First Dates begins tonight on Channel 4.


First into the restaurant is 26-year-old semi-professional footballer Reece. At 5’4″ he is worried that his height will stop him from scoring with his date – 29-year-old marketing consultant Ria. The pair kick off well until Reece allows his insecurities to show. Can he turn things around?

Byron has struggled with dating as women are often alarmed at his career as a funeral director and mortician. The 34-year-old meets Lexi, who is also familiar with people reacting negatively towards her profession as an Ann Summers party planner. Byron seeks someone ‘a little naughty’ and Lexi’s after a man who is individual and doesn’t follow the crowd.

Bartender Rosco feels like the ‘the only Geordie in Mayfair’ mixing cocktails in an exclusive London bar. He’s used to rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, but is sick of going home alone at the end of the night. His date is stunning 28-year-old Helen. The pharmaceutical manager is on the lookout for a ‘party partner’ who can keep up with her wild weekends.

Fenella is getting back into the dating game after a long time away. The 54-year-old’s lifelong hearing impediment has hindered her confidence in finding a man, but she’s decided now is the time to put herself out there. Her date, 61-year-old Alan, is also returning to dating after 20 years and he immediately impresses Fenella with his full Scottish regalia.


Tony Robinson a television presence since the 1980s on shows such as Blackadder and Time Team continues his travelogue with Channel 5 in the third episode of his Coast to Coast series.

Tonight’s episode sees Tony visit Eden Valley, Cumbria, where he makes a dramatic ascent to the limestone-paved Great Asby Scar, the last evidence of a 300 million-year-old tropical sea. Smardale Gill viaduct has Tony marvelling at its engineering genius, before he investigates the 21st-century technology driving a traditional dairy.

The actor and history buff gets a masterclass working with border collie sheepdogs before heading to Nine Standards Rigg, a summit high on the backbone of Britain, where he contemplates the origins of the huge drystone cairns that dominate the skyline.


In Aintree Hospital’s major trauma centre, a 15-strong team is trying to save the life of a young man who has just arrived by emergency helicopter. He has been stabbed in the chest – one of three stabbings to arrive during the day. It’s a race against time as he’s rushed for emergency surgery.

Three and a half miles away in the heart of the city centre, The Royal Liverpool Hospital provides emergency care for ten of the most deprived areas in the UK. The Royal deals with an increasing number of ‘frequent fliers’ – patients who return multiple times and who put extra strain on the system.

After 139 incidences of aggression towards staff over a seven-year period, one frequent flier is given an ultimatum: stop abusing staff and the system or face a year-long exclusion.

As the Royal’s A&E struggles to cope with pressure at its front door, in Aintree Hospital a patient with advanced motor neurone disease is ready to leave hospital. But his complex needs prove problematic, as staff attempt a trial run away from the confines of a ward.


Can everyday people get away with a bank robbery? In the second series of The Heist on Sky One, we’re finding, no clearly not.

In Alnwick, Northumberland, a million pounds has been stolen. The detectives charged with solving the crime make their biggest breakthrough so far when they identify all of the burner phones used in the planning and execution of the heist, blowing the case wide open.

In tonight’s third episode a voicemail linked to one of the burners gives the detectives a new person of interest. As the detectives close in on the suspects, the thieves start to feel the heat and anxiously move their ill-gotten gains. And as the detectives come knocking, beauty therapist Leonie Airlie faces tough questions about her alibi, a sprained ankle.

The Heist continues on Sky One.

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