BBC’s Watchdog goes Nationwide

Watchdog has been axed as a standalone show but the consumer affairs series won’t be disappearing altogether.

Watchdog began life as a weekly feature on BBC One’s Nationwide programme in 1980. The segment became so successful that five years later it was given its own standalone show hosted by Nick Ross and Lynn Faulds Wood.

Forty years on, Watchdog will return as a weekly feature, this time on The One Show, which was launched in 2006 as a modern version of Nationwide.

Watchdog‘s current hosts, Matt Allwright and Nikki Fox, will continue to look into consumer grievances and tackle dodgy businesses within the strand.

 “Watchdog has been tenaciously fighting for viewers rights since the strand started 40 years ago within Nationwide, so it’s fitting that in its anniversary year we are able to open up the potential for viewers to connect with the brand through The One Show.” – Carla-Maria Lawson, Head of Daytime and Early Peak

In 1993, Anne Robinson was drafted in to host Watchdog and her combative and confrontational style proved a hit with viewers. She remained as the face of the show until 2001 but returned for another stint between 2009-2015.

2009 also saw the show expanded from 30 minutes to 1 hour and incorporate Rogue Traders, which was hosted by Matt Allwright.

Former Watchdog presenter Anne Robinson

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5 Replies to “BBC’s Watchdog goes Nationwide”

  1. Oh dear Putting Watchdog on the One Show not a good idea as the One Show is crap! So axe the One Show, Revive Watchdogs parent show Nationwide and put it on that instead as its time to ditch rubbish like the One Show replacing it with Natuonwide as its needed! Otherwise the BBC will be swallowed up by Seven Network Australia!

      1. Yes well Ditch Krap One Show and revive Nationwide that would be the best idea as the One Show is a tired boring show so let’s get rid of it!!

        1. You can’t revive what is already revived… its already back on air. The style of it now certainly wouldn’t fit 7pm!

  2. It would fit as the One Show is a load of crap as Nationwide was filmed at Lime Grove studios originally its a show people like and will enjoy watching unlike the One show which is boring full of Tory Tossers and you never watch that shite so revive Nationwide at 7pm as otherwise the BBC will die with the end of the TV licence!

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