Telly Today: Friday, February 28th highlights including Barging on Channel 5 and coasting on BBC Two.

Bill Oddie, Jannie Bond, Anne Diamond and Pete Waterman carry on up the barge.


The series continues that is packed full of history, wildlife and UK scenery. Bill Oddie, Jannie Bond, Anne Diamond and Pete Waterman embark on a fun and informative journey along some of our most famous canals; Leeds to Liverpool, The Forth and Clyde and the Grand Union.

For their next adventure, Bill, Jennie, Anne and Pete are going to cross Scotland from the West coast to the East on its oldest canal, the Forth and Clyde. Built in 1790, it was called the Great Canal – as it was the first ever to go sea-to-sea. It changed the course of history for Scotland, becoming a vital artery of trade from the Americas to the Baltic ports. Our celebrity team start their journey with a mission: to deposit a hogshead of water that they’ve collected from the Atlantic Ocean into the North Sea, just as the first travellers did on this canal more than two hundred years ago.

As they continue their journey, they discover canal builders weren’t the only ones to come up with the idea of a route across the narrowest neck of Scotland. A thousand years earlier the Romans had a similar idea – they called it the Antonine wall. On their way, they learn about the role horses played on the canal, how the famous Clydesdale breed could always be relied on.

Jenni takes the rest of the team on a personal pilgrimage to see the largest equine sculptures in the world at the kelpies – built in homage to these amazing beasts. They find out how in the late 1800s the canal’s use changed – it was no longer just a thoroughfare for trade and industry used by horse-drawn barges. With the advent of steam, pleasure boats began to use the canal, transporting up to 200 people out of the city to the countryside on day trips.

Along thirty-five miles on the Forth and Clyde, the gang will celebrate Scotland’s industrial past and learn about its future; how the canal is today uniting communities and playing a vital part in the tourism industry. There’s no better place to moor up for the night before their next journey than at the Falkirk Wheel – an extraordinary rotating boat lift that will take them to Edinburgh on their next adventure.


When Christine announces that the NHS servers have been hacked, the whole team are forced to work through the night. But finding the work too tedious, and directly going against Christine’s orders, Jerry takes matters into his own hands and coerces the rest of the team into tracking down the culprit behind the attack his own way.

Then, in the second of this week’s episodes, GCHQ is hacked. Jerry suggests the person behind the cyberattack should join the team. But when Joseph becomes jealous of Jerry’s cool new friend he looks to change his image and win back Jerry’s affection.

Meanwhile, shy cryptanalyst Mary gears up to seeing her ex-boyfriend for first time in 40 years who’s been asked to deliver a seminar at GCHQ.

OUR COAST, BBC TWO at 8.30pm

Adrian Chiles and Mehreen Baig travel to the South Western coastline of Scotland.

Mehreen takes to the skies with the former RAF fighter pilot Archie Liggat, who is now using his flying skills to document large-scale pollution hidden along the coastline. While Adrian visits the beautiful harbour of Portpatrick to meet local hero Calum Currie, who has persuaded his community to buy shares in the town’s harbour – revitalising it for all who live there.

Other highlights include engineer Danielle George given a rare opportunity to get hands on in one of the UK’s major air traffic control centres in Prestwick; wildlife expert Patrick Aryee joining local volunteers to help to track rare birdlife on the stunning Ailsa Craig, and cultural connoisseur Joe Lindsay visiting a renowned artists’ colony that’s also the setting for the cult film The Wicker Man.


The triple BAFTA Award-nominated entertainment series continues as Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker take a look back over the past week in news, entertainment, politics and sport.

Tonight the gang are joined in the studio by brother and sister duo Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, the creators, writers and stars of the BBC sitcom This Country.

As ever, the hashtag #isitok paves the way for the gang to round up, examine and explain the week’s leading and most entertaining news stories via their acerbic wit, enlightening discussions and unique sketches.

More fun on Four at 10pm

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