The series starts later this month.

Brand new and exclusive to Crime+Investigation® Kids Who Kill: Evil Up Close investigates the stories of some of the UK’s most prominent child killers and their shocking murders. The five-part series features the cases of: Aaron Campbell , Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham, Stephen Hough, Mathew Hardman, and Alyssa Bustamante.

This well-known and popular series takes an in depth look at some of the most disturbing criminals through the eyes of those who loved, trusted and knew them best. Kids Who Kill: Evil Up Close features contributions from leading experts including Former Detective, author and TV commentator Peter Bleksley and psychologist and TV presenter Emma Kenny.

The documentary series provides an all-encompassing view of these tragic stories, examined step-by-step with the testimonies from those closest to the crimes as the experts deconstruct the events leading up to and after each killing.

The first episode of the series looks at the tragic murder of six-year-old  Alesha MacPhail who was abducted from her bed whilst on holiday with her grandparents on the Isle of Bute.

The then sixteen-year-old Aaron Campbell took neighbour Alesha and carried her to a nearby wood, where he raped and murdered her. In the dead of night, he was caught when his own mother inadvertently turned him in. He didn’t admit his horrific crimes until after his conviction.

The first episode of Kids Who Kill : Evil Up Close airs on CRIME+INVESTIGATION® on Monday 30th March at 9pm. The series is available on all catch up and on demand services.

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