Programme to look at Moat’s murderous rampage across the North East.

Raoul Moat became the subject of a week-long manhunt in July 2010 after shooting his former partner, killing her new boyfriend and blinding a police officer by shooting him in the face.

Containing exclusive new interviews with family members, witnesses and journalists who covered the hunt as it unfolded, Manhunt: The Raoul Moat Story seeks to piece together the tragic events which gripped the nation and ultimately led to Moat shooting himself dead while surrounded by armed police.

“With this landmark documentary, ITV aims to provide an important and vivid insight into these tragic events. At a time when media scrutiny has never been higher, and with public services like the police feeling the strain, this programme will delve into the investigation of the case and the actions of Moat in forensic detail, with the intention of immersing viewers in the manhunt, exploring how Moat escaped officers’ clutches for a week.” – Tom Giles, Controller of Current Affairs, ITV

Using new and rare archive footage and stills, the 60-minute documentary which airs this summer will explore the consequences for those caught up in the violent and tragic events to provide a vivid insight into Moat’s mindset, and to get the inside track on how he was finally found.

The current affairs special, fronted by journalist Nicky Campbell, will be produced by MultiStory Media Cymru.

“This documentary is the latest in a line of programmes to come out of our base in Cardiff and thanks to the experience and skill of the team there, it will provide a revealing and sensitive insight into a manhunt which gripped the nation – but which had a tragic backstory.” – Mike Blair, Executive Producer, MultiStory Media

An exact air date is yet to be set by ITV.

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