Trolls World Tour comes to Rakuten TV

The long-awaited Trolls World Tour arrives on Rakuten TV starting from April 6th.

In light of the current circumstances that have made it more difficult for audiences to view films in cinemas, Rakuten and NBCUniversal have partnered to allow Rakuten TV users to rent some new NBCU movies, such as Trolls World Tour, during the theatrical window.

Prompted by the shutdown of thousands of theatres across the globe following authorities’ indications, rather than delay their latest movies or release them in a challenged landscape, Rakuten TV and NBCUniversal made the unprecedented decision to provide families an option to view this title at home, in an accessible way.

The arrival of Trolls World Tour follows the previous home premieres of NBCU films The Invisible Man, Emma and The Hunt, which were made available on the platform on March 20th.

With a rental price of £15.99 per film, the whole family will be able to enjoy each of these movies with unlimited access for 48 hours, for a non-stop cinematic experience at home.

The launch will be also effective in the additional European countries: UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland, with the potential of extending this offer to further countries in the following weeks.

Trolls World Tour will be arriving on Rakuten TV on 6th April.

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