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Christian Ad sparks more complaints than Atheist Ad

Christian Ad sparks more complaints than Atheist Ad

Praise Be!

A London bus poster campaign by Christians has drawn more complaints than the Atheist poster campaign it was sparked by but despite the amount of complaints the ASA has decided not to investigate.

Not so long ago it was an atheist poster campaign, via London buses, that was provoking complaints and even one buses driver, rather stupidly, to refuse to drive a bus with the poster on. The poster read “there’s probably no god – so just enjoy life”. It was a campaign that sparked 350 complaints and a response from Christian groups in the form of their own poster campaign on London buses. But it seems now that the response has rather back fired as it has drawn more complaints!

According to figures the poster campaign by various Christian groups has sparked over one thousand complaints although it hasn’t been revealed if anyone has refused to drive buses with such posters on. Complaints are wide ranging from claiming the adverts are offensive to atheists and non-Christians through to unsustainable.

“There definitely is a God. So join the Christian party and enjoy your life.” – Christian Posters

The original campaign of atheist posters was not investigated by the ASA and nor will the Christian posters. The Advertising Standards Authority has deemed the Christian posters fall outside of its remit – an easy excuse not to enter into a long and difficult investigation which would naturally have to ask the question of whether god exists or not and if so can it be proved god exists.

Complaints about the Christian posters are believed to be still flooding in.

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