Record audience tune in to see Boris lockdown update

The Prime Minister drew in a large audience on Sunday evening in his second address to the nation regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Boris Johnson’s address, which was pre-recorded over the weekend, attracted over 27.5 million viewers across several channels at 7.00pm.

The Ministerial Broadcast by the Prime Minister had its highest single figure on BBC One, with 18.62 million viewers watching. The BBC News Special which immediately followed, presented by Huw Edwards, attracted 14.5 million viewers.

The address was also screened on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky One, BBC News Channel and Sky News. ITV’s screening was the second most watched at the same time, with an audience of 4.84 million viewers.

Channel 4 and 5 were both under 1 million viewers at 7.00pm, beaten by the BBC News Channel and Sky News who attracted 1.39 and 1.44 million viewers respectively.

Last night’s figures are higher than the total audience who watched Boris Johnson announce the lockdown on 23rd March. That address was watched by 27.1 million viewers.

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One Reply to “Record audience tune in to see Boris lockdown update”

  1. The trouble with what Boris Johnson at first over the Coronavirus it made sence to Stay at Home then he caught the Virus! Now he comes up with a load of Bullshit about people going back to work, Schools to reopen and Shops Pubs and Cinemas to reopen? STOP this will bring a Second wave of Coronavirus its Mutated so to kill it we must all stay at Home and not catch anything as hasn’t Boris learnt anything he nearly died from this virus yet he wants everything open! They did that in Germany and the Coronavirus has come back in a Second Wave so we Stop making the same mistakes they made so we bring the Virus right down to eventually stop it spreading and no more cases but sadly Boris Johnson is a Trump clone like that twat he says stupid things so this must continue until the Virus stops spreading or we have a Vaccine to cure it otherwise thousands more people will die from this Invisible killer
    Mr Greg Preston

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