Accused: Guilty or Innocent? takes viewers inside the lives of people alleged to have committed serious crimes.

Presented solely from the perspective of the accused, their legal team and family members, each episode follows the accused person’s journey through the planning of their legal defense, the trial and, ultimately, the verdict.

As evidence mounts and the trial approaches, these emotional stories provide a first-hand look at what it is like when your freedom is on the line.

The eight-part series will run on Crime+ Investigation throughout June and July.

Episode 1: Deadly Driver or Tragic Accident?  Airs: Tuesday 9th June at 10pm

A terrible car crash leaves a father dead and his son horribly injured. The driver of the other car is miraculously unharmed. Tragic accident or deadly driver?

Episode 2: Wife Killer or Self Defence? Airs: Tuesday 16th June at 10pm

A man shoots his wife, and it’s all caught on camera. Was this a cold-blooded murder or a justified act of self-defence?

Episode 3: Attempted Murder or Protective Mother? Airs: Tuesday 23rd June at 10pm

After years of caring for a sick child, is a mother hiding a terrible secret? Accused of attempting to murder her son, she is now fighting for her freedom.

Episode 4: Murdered His Mother or Falsely Accused? (Part 1)  Airs: Tuesday 30th June at 10pm

A family is divided after the murder of a beloved grandmother. Facing life in prison, can a son prove his innocence?

Episode 5: Murdered His Mother or Falsely Accused? (Part 2) Airs: Tuesday 7th July at 10pm

Accused of shooting his mother, a son stands trial for murder. With his family testifying for the prosecution, who will the jury believe?

Episode 6: Parent Killer or NFL Orphan? Airs: Tuesday 14th July at 10pm

Two successful parents are shot dead in the night. Their teenage son is the prime suspect. Is he a grieving child or a remorseless killer?

Episode 7: One Punch Assault or Self-Defence? Airs: Tuesday 21st July at 9pm

A young man witnesses a brutal attack. He intervenes and throws a punch. Was he justified or should he be sentenced to 20 years?

Episode 8: Cold Case Killer or Innocent Teenage Girl? Airs: Tuesday 28th July at 10pm

For 10 years, a murder has been unsolved. Now, police have a suspect. The catch…the accused would have been 13-years-old at the time.

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