The platform enriches its content offer with the launch of its first live channel thanks to a new partnership with the world-renowned news channel.

“We are very excited about the launch of our first live channel, which allows us to enrich our current proposition providing an always more varied and extensive content in the platform. Rakuten TV is eager to continue expanding its content offer in order to provide a complete experience just on a click”. – Teresa López, European Content Director at Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV announced today, June 3rd, the launch of its first live channel on the platform; Euronews, the number one international news channel in Europe. The channel will provide informative content 24/7 and will be available in all the European countries covered by Rakuten TV – following a progressive roll out across the different territories as part of the platform’s free offer via the AVOD output.

The channel portfolio of content will provide news with a European perspective covering current affairs, business, culture, sport, sci-tech and lifestyle. Its live feed will be available in six languages including French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish and in English – which will be available for the remaining European countries.

Euronews’ content will be available within the Rakuten TV app on Samsung Electronics and LG Smart TV models from 2019. Indeed, Rakuten TV’s branded remote-control button and the pre-installed app on LG and Samsung Smart TV´s, will make Euronews on Rakuten TV available to millions of European households. Subsequently, this will be extended to other suitable devices.

The launch of Euronews on Rakuten TV is a further step the platform is undertaking as part of its strategy to enhance its offer on the free ad-supported section, which already includes thematic channels with Hollywood movies, kids content and exclusive and original content.

“We are honored to be the first live content provider to join Rakuten TV’s AVOD service, allowing viewers to watch multiple Euronews versions on the platform. This great partnership definitely strengthens Euronews’ strategy of addressing its audience in new ways through innovative format and digital platforms. We were able to build along with Rakuten TV a great news content proposition and model which fits our common values: content localisation, great user experience and a focus on quality.” – Maxime Carboni, Director of Worldwide Distribution at Euronews

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