Trisha Goddard talks ‘kick in the teeth’ over Windrush scandal

The Windrush scandal was just one of the issues the former talk show host pondered this morning on ITV.

Presenter Trisha Goddard broke down in tears as she spoke to Lorraine Kelly about her mum Agnes and the recent racist abuse she had been suffering.

Speaking about her mother Agnes, a nurse, who came to Britain at the age of 26 as part of the Windrush generation, she said:

“There’s been a lot of talk of systemic racism… I don’t believe we teach history in the way we should. A very important part of Britain’s history, is all of those people from all over the Commonwealth… who answered the call to come to Britain. And remember in those days, Lorraine, it was something like a six week journey.”

She explained a lot of people knew they would not be seeing parents again and even sending letters was difficult. Trisha continued: “They gave up their lives for a new life, but to help Britain. This whole Windrush scandal, after you’ve done that is just such a kick in the teeth.”

Talking of officials telling people who had been living in the UK for more than 50 years to ‘go back to their own country’, echoed things she had heard said many times in the past. Becoming emotional, she added:

“I miss her, just talking about her makes me very emotional. In some ways, I’m glad she’s not here to see, I would be telling her about some of the racist abuse I’ve been getting.

“I remember when I was a little girl, I used to get talcum powder and mix it with water and put it on my face and pretend to be white, I’m sorry Lorraine…”

She went on to explain when her mum arrived in Britain, she was met by signs saying ‘No Blacks’ and finding accommodation was difficult. Trisha said: “…Seeing this scandal would have broken their spirit after years of sacrifice for this country.”

The presenter said Commonwealth history had to be taught in schools to educate all children. She concluded: “It is pretty tough at the moment. My mum would be outraged, ‘How dare you cry on television!'”

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