Branded Entertainment can boost brand perceptions +29% vs. a traditional spot advertisement.

“We’ve always believed branded entertainment delivers for brands but with this – the first research of its kind- we now have proof. It’s an opportunity for brands to co create quality editorial entertainment and weave their values and messages through storytelling and narratives that viewers want to engage with.” – Sophie Lloyd, Branded Entertainment & Creative Leader, Channel 4

Channel 4 has unveiled the results from the most comprehensive study into the effectiveness of TV Branded Entertainment – a first of its kind for the UK media industry.

According to the study, Branded Entertainment significantly increased brand engagement and drove positive viewer perceptions – transferring the positive emotions created by an entertaining programme to the brand behind it. This is known as ‘brand rub’ – the idea that the key attributes of the host environment will rub off on the brand.

The study examined a combination of existing academic studies, quantitative and qualitative research into existing Channel 4 Branded Entertainment shows. Extensive analysis of this from behavioural specialists and market research experts at the BVA Group discovered six in ten viewers felt positive about Branded Entertainment as an approach to advertising – considering it the third most preferred method after traditional TV spot adverts and sponsorship.

For those more sceptical of advertising, it’s an effective medium for engaging viewers with a ‘softer sell’ (younger viewers) than traditional advertising, increasing brand resonance and creating greater engagement with content. 84% highly agreed that the brand should have a logical fit with the programme. Branded entertainment works best when the integration and alignment of brand and content is so seamless that viewers will associate the two with minimal prompting or mention of the brand.

The most significant difference seen between Branded Entertainment and traditional spot advertising was in Brand Perceptions. Using a whole programme, there is space to land a message about a brand, through the host environment and the power of the content. 60% find their enjoyment of the programme is unaffected by brand involvement, 29% feel more positive about a show if a brand is involved and only 11% feeling negative. In turn, 44% feel more positive about a brand after seeing it in a programme, with only 4% feeling negative.

“This research reflects the commitment from C4 to deliver entertaining and engaging programming, in partnerships with brands and the results from the research will enable us to do this as effectively as possible.” – Sophie Lloyd, Branded Entertainment & Creative Leader, Channel 4

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