Telly Today, highlights for June 29th 2020.

Murder in the Car Park

In this third episode of the true crime drama documentary series the programme concludes by tying together the complex threads of a case that has lasted 33 years, and has cost £30 million, but has still brought no one to justice.

The three-part production, which follows the twists and turns of the most investigated unsolved murder enquiry in the history of the Metropolitan Police, probes why private investigator Daniel Morgan was killed in a pub car park in south London and why it has been so hard to secure a conviction.

What lies behind the failure of the police investigation? Will anyone come forward to reveal who wielded the axe that ended Daniel Morgan’s life? For the first time, those that were alleged to have committed the crime, the police officers who investigated the crime, and the grieving brother of the victim all give their answers.

9pm on Channel 4

Grow Your Own at Home

Over the past five weeks Alan Titchmarsh has shared insider tips and tricks on growing fruit and vegetables at home. Filmed by his wife Alison while in lockdown, this series has shown Alan promoting the joys and the benefits of producing your own food no matter what size garden you have; be it outside space, a balcony or room for a single pot.

In this final episode of the series the Grow Your Own at Home team reveal their individual garden make-overs. The results are beautiful. Alan adds a beautiful final border of bee attracting flowers to keep his veg patch pollinated and prettify the whole area.

Frances’ garden transformation is revealed – from tiny bare backyard to cosy kitchen-garden sanctuary. She completes it with a final addition of veg-filled hanging baskets and soil conditioning climbers. In Yorkshire, Katie reviews the six new mini veg gardens she’s added and finishes with one final one to complete her now stunning front garden.

In the Midlands, David’s family start to harvest the first of his new pretty veg patch and he shares the secrets of giant veg growing.

8.30pm on ITV, UTV and STV

EastEnders: Secrets from the Square

Stacey Dooley is joined by some of Walford’s biggest names to relive some of their most iconic moments on the show, share juicy behind-the-scenes gossip and reveal some of the show’s best kept secrets.

This week, Stacey sits down for a chat with two of EastEnders’ original cast members, Adam Woodyatt and Letitia Dean aka Ian Beale and Sharon Watts. The pair reflect on starting out on the show together as teenagers, revisit classic scenes (and classic hair dos) and share their best backstage stories. They also tease just what’s in store for Ian and Sharon when the show returns.

Together they recall the time when as teenagers they were sent home from set for giggling, relive their failed bid for Top of the Pops glory, and Letitia gives her take on the recent ‘Sheanu’ storyline. Plus, Adam re-watches a scene that made him an internet meme, Letitia explains why a nailed down coffin gave her a nasty surprise, and Stacey finds out which cast member is most like their character.

Stacey is also given a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of the Café by the man who knows it better than anyone – Adam, who reveals which actor is responsible for their broken till.

8pm on BBC One

The Golden Girls

The fabulous foursome of Miami return for another afternoon double-bill.

In the first episode ‘Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?’ Dorothy has a stroke of luck when a lottery ticket she bought is worth $10,000. Unaware to Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche decide they need to ‘hide it somewhere safe’ opting to place the ticket in Blanche’s old jacket, which Sophia later places in a box with clothes for goodwill. The quest is then on to get that lucky ticket back…

The final offering of the day is ‘Scared Straight’. When Blanche’s brother Clayton pays a visit she tells the girls that she suspects her brother has found love with a lady. Dorothy reminds Blanche that her brother is as straight as Larry Grayson, but Blanche puts his homosexual urges down to being a phase. Sophia teaches Blanche the error of her homophobic ways… 30 years ahead of its time, and a great choice of series for a re-screening by Channel 5.

12.15 and 12.45pm on Channel 5

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