The Golden Girls to end on Channel 5

The Golden Girls will come to an end on Friday after Channel 5 confirmed it had only ever acquired the first four seasons.

Channel 5 announced in April that it would be showing the award-winning comedy from the beginning as a way to help viewers who were stuck at home during the lockdown.

The lunchtime screenings, which star Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty, had been rating well for Channel 5, even beating the launch of Channel 4’s new lunchtime offering The Steph Show.

The first episode tomorrow is the second part of the final episode from season 4. The last episode that Channel 5 viewers will see is episode 21 from the first season, where the girls go down with the flu.

ATV Today reached out to Channel 5 who told us that they only acquired the rights for a single run of seasons one to four. It’s not clear if the broadcaster, owned by ViacomCBS, has any intention of acquiring the rights to further seasons.

There’s often been issues surrounding screening episodes from season five onwards. Official DVD releases in the UK have only ever been for the first four seasons.

The iconic comedy series, which initially ran from 1985 until 1992, has become a lunchtime staple for those stuck at home during lockdown after Channel 5 began airing episodes back in April.

Golden Girls airs at 12.15pm on Channel 5.

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74 Replies to “The Golden Girls to end on Channel 5”

    1. I will miss it, I was really hoping it would continue on Channel 5….I hope they bring it back soon.

  1. Please channel 5 do your best to get the rest of Golden Girls series 5-7. I’ve seen them all before when the show first aired but I used to watch the show with my Mom ; sadly she’s no longer with us but watching the re-runs has such happy and emotional memories for me, with or without lockdown.

  2. Gutted. Was really looking forward to seeing all 7 seasons. Mrs Marriott’s comments could’ve been written by me as I have the same memories of watching with my Mom (who sadly passed last year). Channel 5 need to get the final 3 seasons!

    1. Sorry for your loss. Your memories with your mom will live with you forever and all the laughter!! Take care Susan!!

  3. Please channel 5, do your best to get all the golden girls series. I used to watch these as a kid with my mim, now as a mum myself I watch them with my kids . You have to get the rest of the series… please!!!

  4. please channel 5 can you show rest of Golden Girls for my Mum who is stuck at home she so much every day looked forward to theses Golden Girls

  5. Please, please, please, show the remaining series of the Golden Girls. They have got me through lockdown after losing 2 close family members. I need my fix! Xx

  6. So disappointed it will not be on tomorrow. The girls have been such a tonic during lockdown. Laugh out loud funny. If you manage to get the rest please widely advertise the showing I do not want to miss it.

  7. Please channel 5 continue to show the golden girls, it’s the best program you have on your channel at the moment.

  8. please give us the 7 seasons of the golden girls it is a brilliant show in or out of lockdown and brings a laugh and a smile to me every day. i work for the NHS in mental health and live alone so the Golden Girls bring a moment of joy for me.

  9. Gutted! I watched this daily during lockdown and have been recording it since. I’m off work today and was just about to watch it, and it’s not coming on ☹️ hope it comes back soon.

  10. Please please get the show back helped me tremendously at this time stuck here they are fabulous even after all these years xxxM

  11. Just tuned in and they announce “now on Five, slum landlords”?

    Nooooooo! Such a shame. Even repeats would be good enough 🙂

  12. I have just tuned in for my week day fix of the golden girls only to discover it is no longer on, to say I’m devastated is an understatement! Please secure the rights to the rest of the seasons, watching the Golden Girls has been a little ray of sunshine During the week, and has made my lunch breaks even more amazing.

  13. Please, please, please, bring it back. We were soooooo very happy getting together every day at 12:15 for one hour of laughing time.

  14. Like a knife through my heart. The Girls were the only thing keeping me going in lockdown. Highlight of my day was tuning in at lunchtime. Dorothy is my fave.

    Sort it out C5, give us those other episodes!

  15. Oh god, this is so disappointing. It’s made worse that the show in place on C5 is one of those highly depressing nightmare-neighbour-tenants-from-hell-who-won’t pay programmes. We’ve gone from the sublime to the abhorrent. I already had GG in its entirety s on DVD and now I’ll play the two shows I was expecting today. It’s not the same and finding it on air. Especially as I have to endure a 10-minute trailer every time I insert a disk.

  16. Sat down to watch The Golden Girls today and to my utter disappointment, it wasn’t on!!! Absolutely gutted. Watching them was the highlight of my day, being stuck at home shielding. Please secure the last 3 seasons.
    It’s a fantastic show with a big fan base.


  17. Life will never be the same without Golden Girls being synonymous to lunchtime at lockdown

  18. Gutted!!! Please please please channel 5 get the rest of the seasons. I have been transported back to my childhood every lunchtime. Really disappointed it’s not going to continue.

  19. Where’s Golden Girls? This has been the only thing getting me through lockdown, laugh out loud funny and a reminder of family time in the 80s. Come on Channel 5, get us the rest of the seasons and maybe even Golden Palace, although I’m not it can work without Dorothy. I’ve had to turn the tv off, so disappointed not to spend an hour with the Golden Girls – come on Channel 5, get us some more of the good stuff!

  20. Please please please show the final 3 seasons of the golden girls lunchtimes will never bethout them.

  21. I am gutted to find out no more Goldwn Girls, this has been my favourite show for months now! Please, please C5 do the right thing and bring them back!

  22. There is no Golden Girls but you can still get the constant repeat of Friends, I think they’ve just gone back to series 1, episode 1, she says, sarcastically, just like Dorothy or Sophia!

  23. Please bring back the Golden Girls. Couldn’t believe it today. I’m so disappointed.

  24. I really enjoyed getting caught up with the Girls each day; I remember watching it with my Grandma back in the day, but now that I’ve almost reached the age of Dorothy, Blanche and Rose, I can enjoy the series on a whole different level. Please do what you can to get Seasons 4-7 on.

  25. OMG. I was devastated today. No Golden Girls? How will i get through the lockdown and being in furlough. Channel 5. What are you doing?! Please complete the series. I love laughing out loud. No series on tv can do that. Its a classic show. Superb writing. Please get the remaining series and finish the run for us. I need to picture this.. Sicily 13th July 2020

  26. Thank you Channel 5, this was my way of breaking up the day when working from home, I will really miss them! Please buy the remaining episodes and put them on in the evenings or weekends so I can see them when I go back to work! Whoever had the the idea to put these on during lock-down should get an award, it saved my sanity!

  27. Picture this channel 5 September 2020 you get the whole nation happy with showing the final 3 seasons of the golden girls

  28. Picture this channel 5 September 2020 you get the whole nation happy with showing the final 4 seasons of the golden girls

  29. Picture it….Sicily 1932….

    Dear Channel 5, if there is anyone reading the comments left by myself and regarding the showing of Golden Girls coming to an end, please could you re-consider either acquiring the missing episodes, or re running from the start again. Watching this fantastic comedy again has been a real tonic in these difficult times. And your choice of replacement programme “Can’t Pay? We’ll take it away” not in any way uplifting or appropriate given the current climate.

  30. Gutted no golden girls today. They have truly cheered me up over the lockdown. Please arrange to buy and show the remaining 3 series…… Please 🙏

  31. This has been my tonic viewing throughout lockdown & I told so many of my friends to watch it too & it became our highlight viewing. It’s the only programme that has ever made me laugh out loud & I looked forward so much to watching them every day. PLEASE Channel 5, can you obtain the other remaining series for us all? I am missing all those wonderful Golden Girls hugely already especially Dorothy’s sarcasm & the looks she would give to Rose & Blanche’s hilarious flirtations. We need them back in our lives again.

  32. Nooooooo I watched The Golden Girls as a child and now my children have been watching this program with me. Please can we at least get this on My5. Its has been great to watch at such an uncertain time.

  33. No, no, no!! Please do whatever you can to acquire the remaining episodes! It has been an absolute lifeline right now to watch (& re-watch!) this amazing show. I’d forgotten how clever & funny it was. Right now, we need it!!

  34. Please please get the rest of the series this has brought back so many memories of watching with my gran on a Friday night please please please

  35. Oh no, just gone to my planner & todays episodes are not there. Please, please Channel 5 try for the rights for the rest, & the spin offs! This has been wonderful, a very sentimental show to me as I have fond memories of watching this with my Grandma who is no longer with us.

  36. Aw channel 5, we’ve all committed to enjoying the golden girls again. Can’t believe it’s gone before the end. Please, please bring back season 5-7 xx

  37. I was gutted when turned on today at 12.15 and no Golden girls😩 I had been out yesterday and not known had come to an end. Please aquire last 3 seasons as I never saw the last 2 seasons. Please Channel 5 I love it 😁

  38. Devastated.
    This has been a huge help during lockdown.
    Reminded me of a time with my parents years ago.
    Please try to get the rest of the seasons. Xxx

  39. who only shows the first 4 seasons of a 7 season programme, honestly.
    I wondered if the pc brigade had struck and got took off because of complaints with some of its references which was acceptable at the time.
    it helped with lunch breaks working from home.

  40. Helen

    Please try and get the rest of the golden girls series. My mum and, I love watching it together at lunch time.

  41. Gutted. Please bring Golden Girls back! You can’t just leave us at season 4!! We want more!!!

  42. Cannot believe the final 3 series are not being shown. Please Channel 5 get them as soon as possible. Now I’m back ar work I’ve been recording them so I didn’t miss any.

  43. PLEASE, please Channel 5 show the remaining episodes of The Golden Girls. It has helped so much to get my friends and I through the lockdown and I am so sad it is not going to continue. A horrible shock.

  44. Dear Channel 5,

    Thank you so much for bringing The Golden Girls back into my life. I have such wonderful memories from my childhood and loved watching the programme with my Grandparents. During lockdown I was so happy and excited to watch Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophie, this time with my parents. The humour and script is outstanding. We enjoyed watching both shows every lunchtime. The girls brought sunshine and happiness into our lives during a very dark, difficult time. I really miss the show. My afternoons will never be the same. Please, please bring back the final three seasons. The Golden Girls is a classic family entertainment show. It also brings back the best of the 80s, my favourite decade. I look forward to seeing The Golden Girls back on our screens again soon!

  45. Channel 5, we need The Golden Girls. I’ve seen all 7 seasons before but watching the re-runs made OUR day. My nana even started watching it and enjoyed it! My parents, nana and I watched it on channel 5.

  46. Please please please bring back Golden Girls for season 5-7. They’ve kept me and my husband company while needing to isolate over the last few months, that’s felt like years to us, THEN, you’ve given us a bit of rest bite from this lockdown by showing Golden Girls season 1-4 which has been amazing for us! Go on channel5 you can do it, it’s much much better than the shows you can watch at lunch time 😉

  47. Please bring back the Holden Girls, even the younger generation have started to tape the episodes some of the one liners are pure genius, such a refreshing comedy in a world full of such sadness, we would pay to watch these charming ladies, do please bring them back am sure your ratings would go through the roof.

  48. Absolutely gutted! Ch5 – would you consider showing it again in the evenings please? It is too good to miss!

  49. Please please please channel 5 get series 5-7. I watched it in the 80’s and 90’s with my mum who i recently lost. Theyre so funny, uplifting and joyous. Was the best thing on tele in lockdown.

  50. As a Key Worker I recorded the Golden Girls everyday and spent my first hour at home every night watching GG, it helped me relax and laugh after difficult days. I am missing it so much, please get the license to Seasons 5-7!

  51. I have so enjoyed the Golden Girls. I’ve laughed just as much at 70 as I did at 36.
    Can’t believe it’s come to an abrupt end. It has cheered me up so much during the last 4+ months. If you can’t get any more how about I Love Lucy which always made me fall off the settee laughing.

  52. Please bring the golden Girls back. We need to see the rest of the episodes. It was the only thing we looked forward to every day..with or without lockdown. I was so shocked when the series stopped on Channel 5. Is there any light in the tunnel.

  53. Please bring the golden Girls back. We were gutted when it suddenly stopped. Great comedy. We need to see the rest of the episodes. It was the only thing we looked forward to every day..with or without lockdown. I was so shocked when the series stopped on Channel 5. Is there any light in the tunnel.

  54. Glad to see I’m not the only one who wanted to find out why they stopped recording! This is so upsetting, I love the Girls and looked forward to seeing them every day. Even my kids started to watch and know how much I love them.

  55. I can’t believe the golden girls have been taken off? I went to put I usual daily fix of funnyness on at 12:15 and instead of my high spirits were drownded in a pit of depresiveness with nightmare tenants, slum landlords?? What the freak? Who wants to watch that?? So pleeeeeeease channel 5 get the golden girls back.

  56. This is my favourite comedy show of all time and I was so happy when I saw it was coming back on. Was so disappointed when I realised it was no longer on. It had really cheered me up in these awful times. Please channel 5 can we have the other series?

  57. Golden Girls- how can I live without you…I do not know!!!
    Bring it back…
    Bring it back…
    Bring it back…

  58. ATV, you can see how all of us on here are SO desperate to have our Golden Girls back in our lives so is there a chance you could reply to us to give us any hope that you can acquire the remaining series of episodes we crave to see? Thank you from all of us.

  59. Thought I was going mad when I turned on c5 and GG!
    Absolutely gutted. Reminded me of wonderful days and I look forward to it every day.
    Please bring it back. I don’t understand why it’s come off air.
    Totally gutted.

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