More Australian radio drama out now

Grace Gibson Productions in Australia have been digging even deeper into their vast archive in order to restore and re-issue classic radio serials for listeners in the 21st century.

If you enjoy hair-raising tales of the occult then you’ll love The Witch’s Tale, a series from the early 1940s which was adapted from the original American scripts to suit Australian tastes. Old Nancy (Nellie Lamport) is the witch of Salem and in each episode, she tells a blood-chilling tale of the supernatural aided by her wise black cat Satan (Queenie Ashton). This series could cause you a few sleepless nights so listen with caution.

In volume 5 of Address Unknown we are reunited with the agents from the Missing Persons Bureau as they scour every far-flung corner of the earth for people who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances.  Meanwhile newspaper columnist Randy Stone (Harp McGuire) encounters the grim and downright odd side of life as he continues to prowl the streets searching for the next big scoop in Night Beat volume 7.

Left: The Witch’s Tale will give you a few sleepless nights. Right: Nellie Lamport was born in Southampton, England but after moving to Australia she became a star of radio serials such as The Witch’s Tale, Mrs ‘Obbs, Martin’s Corner, The Lawson’s and Blue Hills.

Left: The hunt resumes for people who have vanished without trace in Address Unknown. Right@: Life with Dexter is never dull.

On a lighter note the laughs keep coming with the latest releases of How Green Was My Cactus. In these volumes of the long-running political satire, you’ll hear about the shark menace, President Arnie, divorce Hollywood style, grumpy liberals, bogan teeth and redundant bank robbers. The comedy continues with volume 7 of Life with Dexter in which Aussie battler Dexter Dutton (Willie Fennell) and his family are embroiled in another batch of hilarious adventures. Dexter tries to sell the house, he appears on the game show Pick-a-Box, and comes to grief with a motor mower.

We have more outrageous humour with Kevin Trump – Private Detective, this mad send-up of the private detective genre stars Kev Golsby, Robyn Moore and Ross Higgins.   The zany comedy keeps coming with the complete series of Chuck Chunder of the Space Patrol. We follow Colonel Chuck Chunder and his heroic crew from Interstellar Security as they travel to the most desolate corners of the galaxy to battle the forces of evil. This exciting space drama has plenty of laughs, thrills and spills and stars Ross Higgins, Noeline Brown and Roger Newcombe. You can also tune into the animated Chuck Chunder series on YouTube where adventures include the monster in the dunny and a planet inhabited by squids.

All of these radio serials and a host of others are available to listeners worldwide on CD and as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website. Some serials are also now available to order on USB drive.

Left: You’ve never met a detective quite like Kevin Trump before. Right: Chuck Chunder battles crime in space.

Photographs copyright IRS Grace Gibson Productions.

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  1. It’s quite amazing to think that the Grace Gibson company started out during the golden age of radio and is still in business, making their product available to the public in ways that would have startled Miss Gibson and her team. All her competitors may be long gone, but we are still able to listen to Randy Stone, Henry Simon and so many of the radio heroes of that time.
    That reminds me, I must order some albums of LIFE WITH DEXTER which was one of my favorite shows when I was about 12 years old….

  2. This article is a source of inspiration for me, I love audio dramas and now I have discovered a new source to buy.

  3. Love it can’t wait for more, have been following and buying the Grace Gibbers releases for a while now.

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