Golden Girls fans ask Channel 5 for more

Word on the Web: Fans of the Channel 5 repeats have been left ‘devastated, just devastated’ by the show not continuing in its double-bill afternoon slot.

It’s nearly a week since Channel 5 last transmitted an episode of The Golden Girls, and viewers have been since its disappearance begging the broadcaster to return the NBC classic sitcom back to its afternoon slot.

The show that revolves around four older women living life to the full in Miami was originally screened on Channel 4 in the UK and has over the years appeared on a number of other networks such as Living TV, however, the return to terrestrial television back in April provided a boost for many stuck at home during the lockdown. Airing as a double-bill at 12.15pm Channel 5 have shown the first four series of the ground-breaking comedy that tackled taboo subjects years before social awareness in a sitcom was deemed cool.

Starring Bea Arthur as Dorothy, Rue McClanahan as Blanche, Betty White as Rose and Estelle Getty as Sophia the show ran for 180 episodes over seven series, with viewers hoping Channel 5 will now pick up the final three seasons. The repeat run had been rating well for the ViacomCBS owned broadcaster, even beating the launch of Channel 4’s new lunchtime offering The Steph Show.

Speaking to ATV Today last week a Ch5 spokesperson told us that the ‘rights acquired were for one run of series one to four and these have now all aired’ with the station having no plans to screen further episodes, leaving fans disappointed. On Monday (13th July) many viewers tuned in to Channel 5 at lunchtime expecting their daily fix of laughter to be met with ‘depressing’ Nightmare Tenants and Slum Landlords.

At ATV Today alone we’ve had numerous comments on The Golden Girls being taken off three-series early, with many left as Blanche herself would say, ‘devastated, just devastated…’

Linsey Speirs noted, ‘I will miss it, I was really hoping it would continue on Channel 5….I hope they bring it back soon.’ while many added the repeats not just provided humour they also brought back happy memories for viewers of times spent in the past watching the show with loved ones no longer around such as Sue Marriott who said, ‘Please channel 5 do your best to get the rest of Golden Girls series 5-7. I’ve seen them all before when the show first aired but I used to watch the show with my Mom; sadly she’s no longer with us but watching the re-runs has such happy and emotional memories for me, with or without lockdown.’

Sue Evans agreed, ‘Gutted. Was really looking forward to seeing all 7 seasons. Mrs Marriott’s comments could’ve been written by me as I have the same memories of watching with my Mom (who sadly passed last year). Channel 5 need to get the final 3 seasons!’

While others noted the watching of The Golden Girls had become a family tradition spread across the generations. ‘Please channel 5, do your best to get all the golden girls series. I used to watch these as a kid with my mum, now as a mum myself, I watch them with my kids. You have to get the rest of the series… please!!!’ observed Hannah while others noted how the show had helped older viewers get through being alone.

‘Please channel 5 can you show rest of Golden Girls for my Mum who is stuck at home she so much every day looked forward to theses Golden Girls‘ said Paul, and Christine Beach said, ‘Please, please, please, show the remaining series of the Golden Girls. They have got me through lockdown after losing 2 close family members. I need my fix! Xx’

Sue posted on ATV Today that ‘The girls have been such a tonic during lockdown. Laugh out loud funny. If you manage to get the rest please widely advertise the showing I do not want to miss it.’ Myra Ince-Reeves noted ‘Please please get the show back helped me tremendously at this time stuck here they are fabulous even after all these years xxxM’ and Thomas said Like a knife through my heart. The Girls were the only thing keeping me going in lockdown. Highlight of my day was tuning in at lunchtime. Dorothy is my fave. Sort it out C5, give us those other episodes!’

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