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London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony replay


London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony replay

Telly Today, highlights for Friday, July 17th 2020 include another chance to see the UK’s grand opening to London 2012 and Channel 5 bring out more gadgets.

The Gadget Show

Craig Charles and the team dish up TV’s favourite tech show. Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley discover the hottest tech trends from around the world, while resident gadget tester Jon Bentley has the latest tips as to which tech you should buy. And a new feature sees Craig attempt to turn a house into a smart home using so-called ‘easy fit’ DIY kits.

Jon is off to the seaside with the UK’s cheapest DSLR camera to see if it can capture the essence of a great British holiday. Craig unboxes 2020’s answer to the self playing piano – a digital keyboard complete with Alexa teaching you how to play.

The G-Team are dusting themselves down to find the cleaning gadgets which promise to make household chores a breeze.

Ortis Deley has bagged himself behind-the-scenes access at a top eSports team’s training camp, to find out how these new stars of the gaming world prepare for a major event. Plus Georgie tells the story of how 2004 was an epic year for technology, and Jordan-Erica Webber dives into the world of gaming.

7pm on Channel 5

Jack Whitehall’s Sporting Nation

Jack’s back with his second episode, The Hero’s Journey. Jack turns his comedic sights on Britain’s attitude towards its sporting heroes, examining the delight we take in building our sports stars up, as well as bringing them crashing down again.

From the red cards and free kicks of David Beckham, to Andy Murray’s difficult route to the top of tennis and Zola Budd’s infamous 1984 Olympic tangle, Jack looks at why it doesn’t matter how incredibly talented you are – if you want to become a British hero, you’re not in for an easy ride.

Jack Whitehall takes a lighthearted and nostalgia-filled look back at Britain’s sporting history, telling the nation’s story through our most iconic moments and characters

8.30pm on BBC One

Code 37: Sex Crimes – Between Us

Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world – continues with the third series of this Belgian crime thriller with Chief Inspector Hannah Maes and her colleagues tracking down the darkest crimes in Ghent.

When Charles and Kevin talk to Lien Buggenhout when she is found naked in her car in public, it seems little more than seeking attention. But Greet insists that Hannah digs deep into the case, and the investigation leads to colleagues of the Ghent financial squad.

Meanwhile, the sparks between Hannah and Koen are beginning to turn into a flame. In Flemish with English subtitles.

9pm on More 4

The London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Relive the anticipation and celebrate the best of British heritage with Danny Boyle’s extraordinary opening ceremony, as London prepared to host the Olympic Games eight years ago.

This special Director’s cut version features extended highlights of the ceremony including all the unforgettable moments, including ‘Her Majesty’ parachuting into the stadium with James Bond, Rowan Atkinson performing with the London Symphony Orchestra with comic results, David Beckham driving a speedboat while helping along the Olympic Torch, amazing live performances by the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Emeli Sande and the Arctic Monkeys and the unforgettable lighting of the cauldron and the best moments from the Athletes’ Parade.

10.45pm on BBC One

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