Graeme Hall launches podcast Talking Dogs

Its a dogcast that all pooch lovers can tune in for four-legged advice.

“I’ll happily talk to anyone about dogs til the cows come home, so a podcast talking about dogs seemed like an obvious thing for me to do.” – Graeme Hall

Following two hit series of  Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly  on Channel 5, and a third one in the making,  Graeme Hall, AKA The Dogfather – one of the country’s best known and loved dog trainers, will be discussing his biggest dog-related challenges in his brand new podcast – Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall, produced by Avalon and set to launch on Monday 27th July.

Graeme is one  of the UK’s top dog trainers and behaviourists. Based in the Cotswolds, he will travel anywhere in Britain where there is a dog behaviour problem to fix or expert puppy advice needed. He is a Master Dog Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers. Graeme is also an accomplished public speaker, having recorded a TEDx talk entitled “Why using dog training techniques to train PEOPLE makes sense”.

Armed with over 12 years of training and travelling the country helping owners with badly behaved dogs, Graeme has been contacted by thousands of dog owners looking for advice and has decided to dig through his inbox to provide as many answers as possible about the nation’s favourite pet.

Graeme will bring his no-nonsense, practical advice whilst telling tails of his biggest professional challenges. He will also help to solve everyday problems with simple tips and tricks, as well as discussing a hot topic about canine care.

Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall will be available from Monday 27th July.

Listeners can subscribe to the podcast and hear the trailer on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast and all major podcast platforms now. Click here

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15 Replies to “Graeme Hall launches podcast Talking Dogs”

  1. I’m looking forward to this has my dog goes crazy when I put his lead on he pulls it and bites your hands total nightmare 😔

  2. Hi we have a year old boxer cross mastiff we have had her since 3 months she was kept in a shed with the other pups so didn’t have much socialisation she is very nervous we have worked very hard with her she hates walking on a lead but is very good off the lead if away from cars and very nervous of new people great with all dogs she is very frightened to walk around the streets where we live but if away from roads she is really great please can u help us

  3. Hi my 3 month old Bichon Frise puppy wont stop biting us he seems to have a silly hour twice a day and really goes to town on our feet legs and hands tried saying no tried distraction but nothing helps need your help as I’m getting a little scared of him but not showing him that thank you. And he will go outside but com in to do his wee and poo .

  4. My 2 Pomeranian dogs urinate in the kitchen and my grandsons bedroom . They will do it even when the door is open .
    They are age 1 1/2 and 2 , They were really good at training as pups so can’t understand it
    I have tried the sprays from pet shops
    Thank you

  5. My toy poodle goes crazy in the car jumping all over me when I’m driving. So I put her into a crate and she cry’s and screams all the time. Please could you give me some help. Thankyou Mitch.

  6. Good Morning, A REALLY need your help, I have a staffie across Broxi, he will be 2 in December, doesn’t get let off the lead as he just runs circles around us, he eats anything he can get his mouth into, he’s barks for attention if we’re watching TV & a need to get up & walk out the room to stop him barking, he runs away with anything he can get, I’m at my wits end with him, he eats, plastic,flowers, grass, destroyes his toys I buy him, I just feel as if this is his house & he’s the boss, he jumps on everyone that comes in, he’s got to touch u when u are sitting & a mean on your lap or behind your neck on the sofa, steals food of your plate if your no quick enough, I’m desperate for some advice about what to do with him

  7. I have an 8yr old male German Shepherd who is overpoweringly protective, he is very aggressive towards anyone approaching the house and doesn’t seem to trust or like anyone or other dogs. He has to be mussled due to nipping the next door neighbour which resulted in a visit from Police as he frightens everyone. Noone can visit or come near our home which is so antisocial but he goes insane I’m lost and just don’t know what to do ! PLEASE HELP !

  8. I have two bichon fries who keep whinning when we take them out in the car if it’s only on short journeys can you help

  9. Hi graham .need help with my dogs we have daisy a border collie very timid.
    and Bentley springer spaniel x Beagle .he’s a lovely dog but he bullies her. He hate her getting a cuddle. and takes bones off her and she lets him .we feed them separately because she walks away from her food if he looks at her so therefore would not eat if we didn’t .
    We give them lots of attention il cuddle daisy and my husband will cuddle him .but he cant stand her getting attention so he’ll come over to me and she’ll just go lay in her bed we feel so sorry for her .but when there in there run she’s the boss it so confusing .HELP thanks Claire

    1. I have a similar problem. Two Cocker Spaniels, one two year old who is the timid one, one fifteen month old who bullies.we have had the older one since a pup but the younger one came to us at six months whe his previous owner could not cope with him. When something does not please him he makes a beeline for our girl with teeth bared and bites – not hard as we have done a lot of work on mouthing. Tim, our girl is becoming more and more submissive, giving him toys etc.

  10. I have a bichon frise, she is a nice white dog except for her paws and mouth, which are brown due to her CONSTANTLY licking, how can i get her to stop this.

  11. Hi I have two main problems with my french bulldog puppy of 9 months is only toilet trained with door open if it’s shut he won’t bark he just will wee and poo where he is – my husband originally toilet trained him while I was on holiday fir a week when he was 14 weeks old but only if kitchen door is open – the other problem I have is putting him in his cage overnight – he was always really good never barked just went straight to sleep all night – about 8-10 weeks ago he started not wanting to go in and has started barking and sounding distressed when put in his cage – I’ve tried not putting him in letting him sleep in hall or kitchen but he still cried and scratched at bedroom door that he knows I’m in – it’s very distressing and sometimes he’s so distressed that he sets his bed – please can you help

  12. My dog barks everytime shes in a vehicle. She gets very aggressive and won’t let anyone else in the vehicle. She is a rescue dog and we have had her for nearly four years. Any suggestions.

  13. I have Two Cocker Spaniels, one two year old Tia, who is the timid one, one fifteen month old Leo who bullies her. We have had the Tia one since a pup but Leo came to us at six months when his previous owner could not cope with him. When something does not please Leo he makes a beeline for Tia with teeth bared and bites – although not hard as we have done a lot of work on mouthing. Tia is becoming more and more submissive, giving him toys etc. and Leo who is bigger and heavier although younger is becoming more vocal.

  14. I have in the last few weeks inherited a 3 yr old male Shihtzu from my aunt. He has very aggressively bitten most of the females in her family and most of their children without any obvious warning signs before doing so. He has not been badly treated and has always been walked twice per day. Since living with me he has twice tried to bite me although more by luck he did not manage to do so. At other times he is sweet natured. Please advise me. Many thanks

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