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Classic trouble for Lenny in River City Rewind


Classic trouble for Lenny in River City Rewind

Highlights for Monday 6th July on your Telly Today.

The Hater

In a society grappling with its communist past and European present, both the cultural elite and disenfranchised young men see forces of darkness descending over Europe. And then there are those who benefit from the inevitable clashes and ensuing chaos, like disgraced law student Tomek (Maciej Musiałowski) who’s desperately trying to get the attention of childhood friend Gabi (Vanessa Alexander) and the respect of her progressive family.

Taking a job at a high-profile but amoral PR company to impress Gabi, Tomek soon finds that he excels at the dirty political games that he is asked to orchestrate on social media. But there’s a human price to his meddling. As Tomek gets sucked in deeper, his humanity slowly drains away, and it becomes less clear what the end game is.

From 8am on NETFLIX

River City Rewind

This week’s River City Rewind delves into the 2010 archives, revisiting the shocking death of Ewan Murdoch, who fell from scaffolding during an argument with his father, Lenny.

Family tensions take a bloody turn for the worse when father and son Lenny and Ewan Murdoch clash over secrets and lies – with devastating consequences.

Emotions run high as Murdoch men argue leading to Ewan’s dramatic, and unexpected, death. As Lenny attempts to make peace with Ewan, his son accidentally trips and falls from scaffolding in front of his father and step-mum, Lydia, devastating the Murdochs.

10pm on BBC Scotland Channel

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next?

Over the past decade, Long Lost Family has reunited 336 people with missing relatives. We’ve helped 61 mothers to find children they thought they would never see again.  We’ve brought 167 siblings together, often for the first time in their lives.  But meeting is just the beginning; how easy is it to build relationships after a lifetime apart?

In the first episode we revisit one of the most incredible searches ITV have ever taken on; the ever-unfolding story of grandmother, Kathleen Fraser Jackson. Kathleen originally came to LLF looking for her birth mother after 40 years of searching. Using DNA databases ITV researchers not only found her mother, 3500 miles away in Canada, but triggered an epic journey for Kathleen, spanning continents and cultures, and unlocking more secrets – and family members.

In the second feature 43-year-old Jason Tyers came to LLF looking for his closest relative, born on the same day; his twin sister. Her loss has haunted Jason throughout his life and he was determined to find out if they had a special connection; ‘that twin thing’. ITV cameras follow him as his sister is found, all his questions are answered, and watch as they are finally able to build a sibling relationship.

9pm on ITV, STV and UTV

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