Trevor McDonald uncovers more secrets of the Mediterranean

It’s all about Sir Trevor and his travels tonight…

The Secret Mediterranean With Trevor McDonald

Sir Trevor McDonald continues his epic journey across the Mediterranean and visits three very different destinations.

On perhaps the most beautiful of all the Greek Islands – Santorini, Trevor meets a spear fisherman who can hold his breath underwater for seven minutes and he explores a most unusual hotel built into the side of a volcano.

On to the north African coast of the Mediterranean and in Tunisia, the legendary broadcaster meets movie mogul Tarek Ben Ammar, who brought Star Wars to Tunisia.

And finally, on the southern shores of France, Trevor meets the cowboys of The Camargue – Europe’s biggest wetland, where the history of these cowboys pre-dates their better known counterparts in north America.

Tonight’s episode ends with a spectacular parade as Trevor visits the HQ of the French Foreign Legion… and meets an Englishman who joined on a whim.

9pm on ITV, STV and UTV

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