The horrors of Raoul Moat revisited by ITV

Highlights for Thursday 9th July.


The weekend night shifts begin with 45 ambulance crews standing ready to help the people of Merseyside in this the fifth episode of the six-part series.

The first job of the night takes Chelsey and Paul to work as a backup crew for advanced paramedic Rob, who is at the scene of a road traffic accident – a car has overturned at a roundabout and the driver has fled the scene.

Before long the driver returns and becomes their patient. Despite his admitting to have been drinking, Chelsey and Paul carry on with the job in hand.

Eric and Emily are dispatched to treat an 83 year-old who is in a lot of pain from her back and has been waiting more than two hours for an ambulance. The night shift has already started to pick up pace leaving only four ambulances available to treat the 1.4 million people of Merseyside.

Back on scene at the road traffic incident, Paul and Chelsey are assessing the patient who ran away from the scene. They decide he hasn’t suffered any serious injuries but he has some questions to answer from the police.

Meanwhile senior paramedic Tony is working alone tonight when he’s called to a patient who is believed to have had a fit. Tony decides the patient must go to hospital, but with no ambulances available, he and the patient are forced to begin a 40-minute wait in the cold.

In control a call is received from the police reporting that a 12 year-old has been assaulted. Eric and Emily are immediately dispatched.

9pm on BBC One

Japan Sinks: 2020

A anime adaption featuring stories about current ordinary families in Japan, those who are struggling to survive their lives in such a a catastrophic world, and stand up for their hopes.

Fourteen-year-old Ayumu, the eldest daughter of the Muto family, is an ace track and field player. She leads an ordinary life with her cool younger brother, Go, who is obsessed with online games and dreams of living in Estonia; her mother, Mari, a former swimmer who is positive no matter what the circumstances; and her father, Koichiro, who has survival skills and is always dependable. One day a major earthquake suddenly strikes Japan and changes the way we live our lives. The family of four begins a desperate escape from Tokyo, but the Japanese archipelago gradually begins to creak and inexorably stands in their way.

The story is based on the best-selling novel written by Sakyo Komatsu in 1973. It has been adapted to various forms of entertainment content such as films, and TV series. However, this will be the very first time ever to have this iconic story created in an animated series

From 8am on NETFLIX

The Raoul Moat Story

This ITV documentary tells the inside story of how one of Britain’s most notorious killers evaded police after going on the run before being tracked down in a dramatic stand-off following a week-long manhunt.

Raoul Moat’s crime spree left a man murdered, a woman fighting for her life, a police officer blinded and a community terrorised as he threatened to kill officers and members of the public in the North East of England a decade ago.

In this production produced ten years on, using interviews with police, victims’ relatives and witnesses, Nicky Campbell tells the story of how the Newcastle-based criminal was tracked down – all in the glare of 24-hour rolling news and regional headlines in the Tyne Tees region.

9pm on ITV, STV and UTV

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