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Corrie Villains: From Alan Bradley to Pat Phelan


Corrie Villains: From Alan Bradley to Pat Phelan

Telly Today, highlights for Monday, July 20th; the villain’s of Corrie are revisited, the NHS paramedics of the West Mids shine and its a River City Rewind that takes us to Christmas 2010.

Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers

With exclusive access to West Midlands Ambulance Service at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in April, this documentary series offers an intimate look from the perspective of the crews, control room staff and managers as they face the biggest ever challenge to the service.

In tonight’s second episode of the series, as the coronavirus sweeps across the country, it brings with it a wave of fear and anxiety. While mental health nurse Jim counsels people who are struggling with self-isolation, paramedics Karina and James respond to a call from a man who claims to be armed and is threatening suicide. But it isn’t just patients who are feeling the effects; nationally, up to 50% of NHS workers report an impact on their mental health. Despite losing his mother to Covid-19, paramedic Richard continues working on the frontline while also managing his anxiety about taking the virus home to his wife, whose complex health issues put her at high risk.

To respond to the sharp increase in demand, the service has taken the unprecedented step of appealing to retired paramedics to return. Rich resigned after a series of difficult jobs left him with PTSD. Now, at the most stressful time in the service’s history, he’s taken the extraordinary decision to confront his fears.

9pm on Channel 4

Into the Wild: India Temple Monkeys on the Run

On the edge of the ancient Indian city of Jodhpur, a troop of Hanuman langurs, led by alpha male Kumar, enjoys a life of plenty in their luxurious temple gardens home. But a bachelor troop of male langurs ambushes them, driving Kumar and his troop away from the only home they’ve ever known.

Kumar’s chance at redemption is a risky one: guide his inexperienced troop through unfamiliar urban terrain and deliver them to a reliable food source. Then they’ll be able to pursue revenge.

8pm on SKY Nature/NOW TV

Coronation Street: Villains

In Corrie’s 60th year ITV continue their celebration of classic moments, episodes and characters.

Tonight we move on from last week’s offering of weddings into a much darker side of Weatherfield, those dubious troublemakers that turn into real baddies. From the iconic Alan Bradley via Richard Hillman to the recent terrors of Pat Phelan Coronation Street: Villains bring their crimes on-screen once more.

Other terrors of the cobbles include Charlie Stubbs and Maya Sharma. The series is narrated by Jason Manford who guides viewers through the plots and people who have entertained us for six decades.

8.30pm on ITV, STV and UTV

River City Rewind

In a change to the advertised episode – switched last week as a tribute to the late Johnny Beattie –  this week it’s a Christmas cracker of an episode in River City Rewind.  BBC Scotland presents the 2010 festive storyline where Eileen gives birth and Scarlett hides her cancer diagnosis.

Christmas in the Tall Ship is a very sober affair, with heavily pregnant Eileen warning everyone not to drink as she can’t. Her guests feel hard done by – until Raymond produces a hip flask. When Eileen gets wind of his antics she storms off in a huff for a lie down. Unbeknown to everyone downstairs, Eileen then gets locked in the bathroom, just as her waters break. But with the festive hilarity going on the in the pub, no one can hear her cries for help.

Scarlett is determined to put on a brave face for her family on Christmas Day. It’s clear she is not feeling at all well though, and when Molly discovers the truth she is devastated and fearful for her daughter.

10pm on BBC Scotland Channel

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