UK must “unleash the full global potential of the BBC”

The comes amid growing distaste for the corporation’s ‘telly tax’ with Defund The BBC reaching 90.000 members on social media.

While some quarters are unimpressed by ‘font line cost axing’ to save money, rather than the management layers making those decisions being slimmed down, the axing of free TV licences for the over 75’s and a general growing opinion ‘if it is so good people will buy it willingly, so why force a TV Tax on us’ has today seen Beeb boss Tony Hall sing once more the virtues of the corporation.

“We are without question one of Britain’s strongest and best-known brands, synonymous with quality and accuracy worldwide. Our international news services rank first for trust and reliability and the World Service remains a beacon of democratic values. Independent research shows that there is an exceptionally high correlation between places where people are aware of the BBC and places where people think positively about the UK. More than that, the BBC helps UK trade. This has perhaps never been more important. The UK will forge a new relationship with the world in the decade ahead, built on an ambitious vision of ‘Global Britain’. Success will mean drawing on all our considerable international assets, and that means unleashing the full global potential of the BBC.”

The Beeb’s global reach increased by 11% year on year in 2020 to 468.2m people a week, the corporation has noted. They state that BBC News accounts for 438.4m of the total with an annual increase of 13%. Digital platforms have seen an increase of 53% in BBC News users. A total of 151m users now access BBC News digitally according to the annual Global Audience Measure which measures how many individuals the BBC reached weekly with its news and entertainment content in the year 2019/20.

BBC global content is increasingly popular on global platforms like Youtube with a 129% increase in audiences to 47m a week – overtaking Facebook with a 31% increase to 43m. Twitter reach has doubled to 6m and Instagram also reaches 6m weekly. New content funded by the UK government’s World 2020 initiative attracted new audiences, with Sports Africa – including extensive Premier League coverage; Africa Eye with groundbreaking investigative journalism; and What’s New for young African audiences performing particularly well.

However, critics of the BBC are to hold a major cancellation of the licence fee on August 1st. They have criticised this ‘global player’ venture as unfair – all other countries view the BBC operations with advertising, however, that brings in a fraction of what fee payers contribute.

Tired of paying for BBC waste and bias? Follow our campaign to limit the TV licence and make it voluntary… The BBC have to make licence rules much, much clearer before they start targeting the elderly, their rules and information around them are deliberately unclear” – Defund the BBC

Match of the Day host Gary Linker, on £1.7million-a-year of telly tax funding, says the Beeb is value for its forced fee on anyone who watches live TV.

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