Viewers get into a steam over hottest shower scenes

The hottest TV shower scenes ranked by viewers.

Many of us can admit the ‘just out of the shower’ look is incredibly attractive. In fact, psychologists back this up by saying the human brain finds the ‘wet look‘ very appealing. While the reason for that is still unknown, many movies and TV series like to include these kinds of scenes that get our hearts racing. But which ones did it best? asked 3,078 lucky respondents to watch specific episodes where shower scenes were included and measured their heartbeats when said scene appeared on the screen, to see which one is the most heart racing! Here for ATV Today browsing pleasures is the top six…

Which are the steamiest shower scenes on TV? The winner of the hottest shower scene is the fairly new Spanish drama Dark Desire, which left many viewers wondering if they were on the site that sounds similar to Prawn Pub rather than Netflix. The bathtub scene between Alma and Dario was particularly raunchy, raising the heartbeats of our respondents to a whopping 103 BPM.

In second place Orange Is the New Black. The particular scene that raised the heartbeat of the respondents to 101 BPM is the first shower scene between Alex and Piper which is anything but unforgettable.

Stay alert! Wear a… shower curtain? In third place its a scene from Containment which last year we would’ve thought was from a dystopian world, far away from the possibility of happening. However, this is too close to reality for comfort. Nonetheless the scene where Jake and Katie kiss passionately though the shower curtain was voted one of the hottest ever, raising respondents BPM to 98.

In fourth place the beautiful Priyanka Chopra getting down to it in Quantico. The particular shower scene from season 1 managed to get people’s heartbeats to 96 BPM (lucky Nick!) Riverdale fans will be happy to know the show made it to number five, with the shower scene between Archie and Veronica raising our heartbeats to 95 BPM!

I could use a shower too! These were the famous last words of Derek Shepherd before getting into the steamy shower with none other than Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, the steamy scene from season 11 (episode 6), had the hearts racing to a 92 BPM.

*The average BPM of the respondents before watching the scenes was around 81.

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