A Country Practice returns on DVD

Fans of A Country Practice will be thrilled to learn that Via Vision Entertainment have released the complete eleventh season of the classic Australian drama series on DVD.

Fans can return to Wandin Valley thanks to the latest DVD release.

The programme ran for 1088 episodes from 1981 until 1994 and viewers all over the world were hooked on the lives and loves of the residents of rural Wandin Valley. Here in the UK the programme established a loyal following on ITV and was also screened by the short-lived Carlton Select channel.

In season 11 the bush nursing hospital deal with a young boy who is suffering from haemophilia and the dedicated medics treat a string of patients suffering from everything from food poisoning, to kidney failure, malaria, hyperthermia, mercury poisoning, tuberculosis, leukaemia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Tongues start wagging when a retarded couple announce they are expecting a baby, and Dr Terence Elliott (Shane Porteous) is shocked when an old-flame asks him to help her end her life because she fears she has Alzheimer’s disease.

Right: Esme Watson (Joyce Jacobs) is shocked when blow-ins bring trouble to town. Left: Dr Terence Elliott (Shane Porteous) has no shortage of patients in need of his help.

Sister Lucy Gardiner (Georgie Parker) is seriously injured after plunging over the edge of a cliff, and tragedy strikes when young Steve Brennan (Sophie Heathcote) is thrown from her horse. Meanwhile matron Rosemary Prior (Maureen Edwards) is terrified to find a lump in her breast, and her troubles are compounded when her schizophrenic son stops taking his medication.

Elsewhere a schoolboy is knifed, a nursing sister is diagnosed with HIV, and a man with Tourette’s syndrome is treated like a leper by the townsfolk. A farmer’s agoraphobic daughter claims she’s been molested, a bulimic singer hits town and a young footballer is found to have epilepsy.

Left: “Strike me array…” Cookie (Syd Heylen) continues to endure strife from his mongrel brother-in-law. Right: Kind hearted plumber Bob Hatfield (Gordon Piper) keeps the septic tanks and dunnies of the district in working order. After being asked to slaughter some sheep he considers turning vegetarian.

Down at the RSL Club, Vernon ‘Cookie’ Locke (Syd Heylen) unwittingly falls for the charms of a transvestite.  Sergeant Frank Gilroy (Brian Wenzel) is run off his feet when an RSPCA inspector is murdered, and Frank uncovers evidence of a drug smuggling racket. A kangaroo cull gets out of hand, its touch and go for Fatso the wombat when he’s poisoned, and disaster strikes when the Wandin Valley water supply is poisoned.

Guest artists appearing in these episodes include Nadine Garner, Vanessa Downing from Home & Away, John Jarrett, Lisa Hensley, Melissa Jaffer, Shane Connor from Neighbours, and Peta Toppano and Maggie Millar from Prisoner: Cell Block H.

You can order A Country Practice Season 11 from Via Vision Entertainment.

Season 11 of A Country Practice is now available.

Images copyright Via Vision Entertainment/JNP Productions.

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