Back to the 70s grindhouse style movies with Voodoo Apocalypse

Cops, Kung Fu, Masked Wrestlers and Zombies… what more could you ask for from a movie?

Munro Films has confirmed the release of their insane, action-packed thriller, Voodoo Apocalypse.

The tribute to 1970s grindhouse will be available on Digital Download from 9th November and will be available across iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft with more to be confirmed.

What is the plot? Well we’re told here at ATV Today it follows the story of detective Charlie Vargas who returns to Los Angeles – five years after disappearing – to avenge the death of his former partner.

Along with White Chocolate, a young detective with a chip on his shoulder, the two enter a world of Black Magic, Zombies and Mexican Wrestling, in search of the infamous drug trafficker and murderer, Jimmy Vanilla.

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