TV presenter George Lamb has launched a foundation to do battle with boredom, after research revealed that over 60% of us are eager to mis-spend more of our time…

Cadbury Wispa is behind the mission to get the nation mis-spending time well, after their research showed that almost half (44%)would be happier if they spent more time doing things they enjoyed. To make this possible the chocolate brand has founded The Wispa Time Well Mis-spent Foundation – which will be supporting Brits who have a ridiculous but brilliant idea of how to mis-spend time.

With nearly half (47%) of Brits admitting they don’t have time to do the things they truly enjoy, The Cadbury Wispa TWM Foundation has been set up to encourage us to get the most out of every moment and offer assistance to anyone wanting to do a bit of serious goofing off.

Psychologist, Jeremy Dean comments: “There’s great pressure to be productive nowadays, especially in this economic climate and this is clear from Cadbury Wispa’s research with 80% of us feeling guilty about taking time out. We shouldn’t though, because mis-spending time well is a great way of recharging your batteries! The most beneficial way to goof off is to pursue activities which are enjoyable, engaging and done for their own sake. You are then much more likely to create the psychological state of ‘flow’, which is when you feel absolutely in the zone and completely absorbed in your task.”

At his swanky London flat, using 224 video cassettes, 178 CDs, 98 books, a Wispa and one cup of tea, George Lamb has created an example of time well mis-spent by building a gigantic domino rally to put milk in his tea.

Goofing off guru, George Lamb says: “Time Well Mis-spent is a great philosophy. It has the potential to uncover some interesting, quirky and sometimes plain ridiculous ideas. Creating the domino rally was totally pointless, but epic! And I hope it will inspire others to get their creative juices flowing and to apply to The Cadbury Wispa TWM Foundation.”

The Cadbury Wispa Time Well Mis-spent Foundation is now open for entries on the Wispa Facebook page and will close on 20th August. Each week 10 lucky applicants will be selected to receive Goofing Off Grants, with £1,500 worth of prizes up for grabs each week.

Visit to apply and put the fun back into foolishness.

George with actor dad Larry Lamb.
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