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Telly Today: A special wedding for The Grand Party Hotel


Telly Today: A special wedding for The Grand Party Hotel

Today’s choice TV picks for October 1st 2020.

Television highlights also include a white-cheeked gibbon and a troublesome knee.


In episode three, a late booking has come in for a wedding – but the hotel’s wedding suite is already booked. Director Kris and his team set about converting a luxury room into the bridal suite of dreams.

Bride to be, Kaylea, and groom, Mark, are getting dressed elsewhere in the hotel. They’ve been together 14 years and have two children.

Kaylea fell ill and was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. Tragically, it’s terminal, and their wedding has been brought forward as a result.

Kris is 33, the same age as Kaylea, and owner Katie claims she is more nervous than at her own wedding, as they bend over backwards to make this the most memorable day of Mark and Kaylea’s lives.

The Grand Party Hotel, episode three, tonight at 8pm on BBC One


The Battle of Britain has stalled German efforts. The Japanese decision to attack Pearl Harbour in late 1941 brings America into the war and the new dimension of the Far East, Europe and the Middle East is dramatic in cinema and on the ground. The American film industry is now active after a period of censorship being present.

Now the whole world is at war and Germany have reached their pinnacle. 1943 arrives and the leader of the Nazi machine confident in their stronghold decides to invade Stalingrad.

The capital city named after their leader. As this battle unfolds, in the harsh winter, we see it captured in a number of powerful films from the perspective of the German soldiers (Stalingrad and Cross of Iron), their battle ends in wretched defeat as millions of Russians are willing to die
to protect Stalingrad.

USA and the UK start to coordinate both in action and on the screen as entertainment and as we head towards D Day.

World War II and Cinema: The World Is Now At War, episode two, tonight at 8pm on Sky Arts


London Zoo is usually open every day except Christmas day. It has only closed for two weeks during the Blitz, but now it’s been shut for months. The animals need huge amounts of money to pay for their food and care and without any visitors, the zoo is suddenly facing a £25 million shortfall. While the battle to find a way to reopen continues, some animals are taking advantage of the quiet period and others are missing their interaction with the public.

Jimmy, the 30-year-old northern white-cheeked gibbon, loves people and has a particular soft spot for brunette ladies. But when will they come back to see him again? Keepers Mick and Joe are attempting to use the quiet period to build the confidence of Genghis, a very rare Bactrian camel, to adventure outside his paddock and explore the zoo in the footsteps of his more assertive paddock mate, Noemie.

The elephant keepers at Whipsnade are desperate for a baby elephant, not just to protect the vulnerable Asian elephant species, but also to help bring more visitors to the zoo. But has Ming Jung, the very young bull elephant who recently arrived, successfully mated with Geetha?

The Zoo: An Extraordinary Year, episode two, tonight at 9pm on ITV, STV and UTV


First in to see Dr Razak is Muriel, an older lady who recently suffered a mini-stroke.

Despite having been through this life-changing event, Muriel is reluctant to take her blood pressure medication, because she has an aversion to taking any sort of drugs. This is a dangerous situation.

Hypertension is a leading cause of stroke, and next time Muriel could suffer a big one. It takes all of Dr Razak’s formidable bedside manner to convince Muriel that she needs to start taking her pills as a matter of urgency.

Meanwhile, Elaine has come in to see Dr Costigan about her painful knee. Elaine was driving to the airport recently when she was hit by another vehicle. At the time, the driver of the other car – an undercover policeman – tried to convince Elaine to go to the hospital to have herself checked over- but Elaine didn’t want to miss out on her holiday and so headed on to the airport instead.

Now she’s back from her travels and her knee is giving her a lot of trouble. Time to get things sorted.

Elizabeth, 92, and her husband Cyril, 93, have matching sunglasses and the giggly behaviour of teenage friends. They’ve come in to see Dr Arif for Elizabeth’s routine heart check-up but other than a mosquito bite on her ankle, she could not feel better.

GPs: Behind Closed Doors, episode fourteen, tonight at 8pm on Channel 5

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