Telly Today: GPs, comedy legends and Apprentice celebrities

Telly Today brings us comedy legends, GPs behind closed doors and the stars who dared join Alan Sugar for some Apprentice training.


The week gets off to a dramatic start with young mum Farheena, who is suffering from bronchiectasis, a long-term lung infection. She is seeing paramedic Kim Bick but half way through the appointment, and struggling to catch her breath, Farheena collapses. Kim wastes no time sounding the alarm, and within seconds has the support and advice from the other doctors and nurses in the surgery that day. An ambulance is called and Farheena is taken to hospital.

Sarup has come to see Dr Aftab Arif about the painful raised skin that has developed around his bypass surgery scar.Dr Arif explains this tender, raised skin is what is known as a keloid scar. The treatment of keloid scarring is not always successful, but as Sarup is in pain, Dr Arif suggests an operation to remove the scar is worth trying. Kelsi is also visiting the surgery for the removal of an unwanted appendage. Kelsi has a mole on her back that keeps catching on her bra strap. It is a straightforward procedure for Dr Aamir Syed but requires a deep incision to ensure he is able to remove all of the mole.

Stephen has another chest infection. He is asthmatic and this is the second infection he has had this year. Dr Aireen Razak is surprised to learn that Stephen only developed asthma as an adult- although asthma predominantly develops in children, adult-onset asthma is something she is seeing more and more.

GPs Behind Closed Doors, episode fifteen, tonight at 8pm on Channel 5


Barry Cryer returns to study the careers of some of his most admired comedy icons.

Opening this series, he takes a look at the life and career of the one and only Charlie Chaplin. Coming from a background of poverty, Chaplin would rise to stardom during the silent era through his beloved character of “The Tramp” – a role so iconic that it is still immediately recognisable over one hundred years after he first appeared and some fifty years after Chaplin’s death.

Comedy Legends: Charlie Chaplin, episode one, tonight at 9pm on Sky Arts


It’s the second episode in this six part series reflecting on the best bits of bygone series of Lord Alan Sugar’s search for business stars.

Tonight the programme looks back at the ‘Celebrity Specials’ with a look back at the famous faces that braved the boardroom of doom all to raise over £2 million for charity. Viewers will see Karren – before she was Baroness Brady – leading the girls to victory, plus there are bust-ups and muck-ups as celebrities swap showbiz for big business.

The Apprentice: Best Bits, episode two, tonight at 9pm on BBC One

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