Mental Health Film ‘I Made This For You’ extends free viewing on All 4 and You Tube

I Made This For You, a feature film on mental health that some viewers have thanked for saving their lives, has extended its free availability until 25th October due to huge demand and Channel 4 pickup.

“The viewer only has to travel as far as the comments section on Youtube to see how much this film has struck a chord with its audience. Comments read, ‘Utterly true. Utterly devastating’, ‘this film has made me cry my heart out’, ‘A vitally important film. Well done to all who made it.’ and ‘Thank you for making such a brilliant film and being part of a really important conversation’.” – statement

I Made This For You was originally released on Youtube by director Cristian Solimeno on 10th September to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. The plan was to run it for free until World Mental Health Day today, however, over the past month, Cristian has been overrun with moving comments and people getting in touch saying the film has saved their life. High profile fans include Clare Balding, who introduced it to Channel 4.

I Made This For You follows a man, played by Gary Grant, who cuts himself off from his friends and family and has recently attempted suicide. He is pulled back from the edge by a documentary made about his life by a friend, played by director Cristian Solimeno.

His friends also include Alison Newman, Dermot Murphy, Francis Magee and West End star Siobhan Dillon.

I Made This For You is a project that is very close to Cristian’s heart, even more so now than at the time of filming. Cristian’s friend Billy Yates, who played one of the friends of the protagonist Gary Grant in this film, tragically took his own life after filming. I Made This For You is now dedicated to Billy. – Statement

Cristian hopes that by making the film available for an extra month, he might be able to offer a hand to someone who really needs it and urge friends to reach out to those in need.

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